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Posted by Storm-Giant at 02:41, 31 Mar 2015:
Introducing Stronghold Faction + Community Interviews!

After Haven, Academy and Necropolis, now it's turn for Stronghold! The nomadic tribes of the Sahaar desert include Brutes, Harpies and Gnolls on Core tier, Centaurs, Wyverns and Basilisk Riders on Elite, and Cyclops & Behemoths as Champion units. The update also brings the usual Faction Theme, in this case called The Journeyman's Encounter.

As mentioned previously, Ubisoft held a press event in conjunction with the M&M Fan Day, and today a fresh batch of game previews were released! If you are interested in Stronghold campaign, this Ubiblog entry holds some info about it. On the other hand, if you want action head right to this video, where we can see a bit of everything - User Interface, battles, visiting a town, the skill system, etc.

Speaking of which, the Skill System is a hot topic in our forums. As Stevie brilliantly explains here, Heroes VII Skill System resembles more to H6 than H5, with a more streamlined approach. In contrast, it features 36 different Skillwheels to the 6 of H5 Vanilla. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and ask them in the appropriate thread.

With the NDA lifted, Stevie also left a report of the event, and the different topics they covered in it. But most importantly, two exclusive interviews from our HC representatives (Stevie, Galaad) to Erwan Le Breton, Creative Director of the franchise, and to Julien 'Marzhin' Pirou, Writer & Level Designer. Both interviews hold some neat info but, above all shines the confirmation of Simultaneous Turns in Heroes VII. Hurrah!

Posted by Storm-Giant at 19:07, 26 Mar 2015:
Vote for the Vampire & Lich Designs!

As promised during the Necropolis update, both Vampire & Lich models will be created from scratch. Now the M&M team is giving the community the chance of choosing between three different concepts (in the form of sketches) for each of them!

Both Votes end this very Sunday at midnight, Central European Time, so donít take too long to submit your vote, remember that you can always change it for as long as the vote is open.

Earlier this week a new batch of tavern heroes were presented, this time belonging to the Wizards. Academy's Hall of Heroes introduces Minasli, Mirym, Asad and Saabira. And right as I was writing this article, a new website update has been announced, with changes to deal with the spam and unrespectable behaviour that has been frequenting the comments section of the Shadow Council. Changes for the best I hope.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 23:31, 21 Mar 2015:
Tidbits of Information before the Stronghold Reveal

Last week, the Might & Magic Fan Day took place in Paris, where several VIP & fans had the opportunity of playing Heroes VII and talk with the developers. While we have to wait until the end of the month for the whole reveal (including an exclusive interview made by Galaad & Stevie), a sneak peek can be found at the official album of the event, where we can see for the first time Dungeon's Hydra upgrade.

In the meantime, the official blog has been updated with several entries. Necropolis' Hero Classes were revealed, with Ebon Knights, Death Knights and Bone Guards on the Might affinity, and Necromancers, Embalmers and Archons on the Magic side. Furthermore, the first four 'tavern' heroes have been introduced in Havenís Hall of Heroes, part 1. You may recognise some familiar faces like Tyris or Edric :)

The lore articles covering the events prior to H7 campaign are coming to an end, with the release of Tales of the Ten Years, part 9. It looks like the M&M Team did some Spring cleaning, as they reported to have found a lost track in a Heroes 1-3 Best-Of album - but after further research, it was discovered it was actually used as an alternate Sorceress Town theme in the "Millenium Edition" release of Heroes II. Crazy to think there are up to three different versions of some H2 themes!

Posted by Storm-Giant at 18:50, 9 Mar 2015:
HotA 1.3.7, Heroes Online Tournament and More!

The fan-made addon for Heroes III, Horn of the Abyss, released a new patch last week, the 1.3.6 version, and a quick bug fix patch, the 1.3.7, available to download here. The bug fixes & graphical additions & improvements complements the 1.3.4 version, released earlier this January, which included a new Neutral unit (the Satyr), new Adventure Map locations and more.

On other side of things, Might and Magic: Heroes Online is currently holding The Champion of Ashan Tournament. This Player vs Player (PvP) battles tournament is open to all players and there is a prize pool of 550Ä (in the shape of Amazon Gift Cards) and a Play Station 4 for the winner among other stuff! Full details of the tournament, including Schedule & Rules can be found here.

Back to Heroes VII, the new month arrived with a new batch of screenshots, which are already available on our wiki. Tales of the Ten Year Wars, part 8 develops the story closer to where H7 campaigns take it. Finally, Paul Romero uploaded on his Soundcloud account the full solo piano concert he played on Munich at the end of February, starting with Heroes 1 Barbarian theme, followed by Concerto in Ahab Minor from H7. Stronghold Faction Theme, perhaps? ;)

Posted by Storm-Giant at 15:34, 1 Mar 2015:
Necropolis Update, Paris Fanday Winners Announced!!

Necropolis faction page was released on the Shadow Council at the end of last week, including the usual package of general page, Creature 3D Models & Abilities and Faction Theme. But the Necropolis update doesn't end there. After the community outcry towards the recycling from its H6 counterpart, the Dev team has confirmed that Vampire & Lich models will be reworked from scratch. Hopefully this new designs will please the majority of the fan base.

After one week of submissions, the M&M Paris Fanday contest is over, and we now know the winners! Seven lucky fans will enjoy the opportunity of spending a full day with the M&M Dev team, play the Alpha of the game and ask them questions! Whatís more, three active users of Heroes Community will be at the event! Indeed, Stevie, Galaad and LizardWarrior have been invited, and they are going to carry out a Q&A session with the Dev Team. If you have any question regarding any aspect of the game, you can submit them here.

Just as they did during Might & Magic X: Legacy production, the guys at Limbic will release several articles & interviews regarding their Studio and its different teams. The first, introductory article is written by Jaelle, our new Community Developer. She's also registered here at HC, already enjoying her Shaper of Lore status. Give her a warm welcome! :)

Posted by Storm-Giant at 00:31, 20 Feb 2015:
Win an Invitation to Spend a Day with the M&M Team at Paris!

On March 13th, the Might & Magic team will host an event at Paris to present a new version of the game to gaming press, VIP fans...and two users from the Shadow Council! In order to participate in the contest, you have to share your passion for Might & Magic at the comments section of this blog entry or at this email, explaining why you are fan of the series, sharing pictures, videos or anything that could support your statement.

The first previews of the game will come from this event, and it looks like Stronghold will be revealed as well! The deadline is set to Wednesday 25th of February, 00:00am CET. I wish good luck for everybody who tries to enter in this competition.

On another side of things, an introductory article about Battles in Heroes VII was released this past Tuesday. In H7 we will be able to experience exotic AI battle formations (like Heroes III ambushes). H6 Boss battles were scrapped in favour of specific, unique battle maps & formations. The initiative system will similar to H3, with 1 action per turn for each creature, and the hero being able to make an action at any time of his/her creatures turn. You can learn more on the Shadow Council article.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 23:46, 13 Feb 2015:
Interactive Map of Ashan, Academy Hero Classes Revealed!

For any M&M fan interested in Ashan lore, this week Heroes VII news holds a pleasant surprise: an interactive Map of Thallan, the main continent of Ashan, at the times of H7 game (853 YSD). The map shows cities (coloured by Factions), geographical regions, other places of interest and more! You can Zoom in & out, display the elements of your choice and find more information about any particular element by clicking on it.

This map should be particularly helpful in following the events of lore articles. That's the case with the latest entry of Tales of the Ten Years Wars, part 7, which continues to develop the plot that leads to H7 events.

Following the Line-up reveal, Academy Might and Magic hero classes were presented this week. Blademages, Alchemists and Sheriffs are the three Might classes of the Wizards, with Sheriffs' name being questioned by the fans, as it sounds out of place, and the target of a few jokes too! A more traditional approach can be seen in the Magic classes, where Battlemages, Wizards and Enchanters offer different magic paths to the player.

Finally, Paul Anthony Romero has announced a solo piano recital for the 22th of this month, on Munich. Among other works, he will play a new tune from Heroes VII, so if you live near you might want to attend :)

Posted by Storm-Giant at 17:59, 9 Feb 2015:
February Screenshots, Necropolis Townscreen Unveiled

The first Heroes VII update of the month featured a new batch of screenshots, which are available on our wiki. Like previous shots, only Haven & Academy factions take part in them, but we can see some changes over the interface and the Adventure Map, a few more combat maps, some tiny changes to Haven Townscreen and replicated three of them to point out several interface elements of the Townscreen, Adventure Map and Combat map. Ubi-Nox confirmed that 'Creatures/Heroes/Items scales are not final at all' and I can only hope to see some changes as we approach the later stages of its production.

On the other hand, the release of the Necropolis Townscreen furthered the debate about Ashan Necropolis and its various influences, with the spider theme and monochromatic neon green colour being the most discussed points. The argument reached such level that a blog update was published in an attempt to cool down the mood, and asking 'to stay civil and polite at all time'. Goes without saying that the same applies here at our forums!

Posted by Storm-Giant at 21:30, 1 Feb 2015:
Heroes 3 HD Edition Released

Almost sixteen years after the release of Heroes III, Heroes of Might & Magic III - HD Edition was launched this past Thursday, available on Steam, iOS and Android, together with a trailer to showcase the graphical update it brings. The game has received mixed reviews at metacritic, quite positive for critic publications (71% at the moment of writing this article) and negative for the users (3.6).

Steam user reviews section also shows a lot of critics towards Ubisoft, with the main complains being the lack of both expansions, therefore missing significant content like the Random Map Generator (RMG) AND missing all the bugfixes both expansions brought, low locked fps and several multiplayer issues. On HC discussion thread the general feeling has been of a letdown too.
On a more positive note, as a response to the lack of RMG, a group of fans have created the h3mtool, that allows to convert H3 AB/SoD/Complete maps to RoE, and RMG integration into H3 HD. You can find download links & more information here.

Back to Heroes VII, we had a slow week, with the release of Tales of the Ten Years Wars, part 6, continuing the war that precedes the events of H7. The third installment of the Community Q&A was focused on Game Design, confirming many tidbits about the game, albeit being rather vague on their answers. They however used the ocasion to introduce the first neutral creature of H7: the Sea Elf.
Finally, after the community vocal outrage, the Might & Magic team released a statement concerning Necropolis and, while not committing to anything, they express the possibility of making '1 or 2 creatures visuals changes'. Let's hope for the best.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 23:25, 25 Jan 2015:
Necropolis Reveal, Academy Faction Theme and More!!

The Necropolis line-up has been revealed, and the community has been shaken! In Heroes VII the Undead armies will consist of:

  • Core: Skeleton, Ghost, Spider.
  • Elite: Lamasu, Vampire, Lich.
  • Champion: Bone Dragon, Grim Rider.
This line-up has risen a lot of controversy, since up to six of the eight creatures use the same H6 model (except for minor modifications), with emphasis on the Eliter tier, which is literally a repeat of H6 Necropolis. Not all is lost, as the dominant neon green color palette of H6 is gone, and the new Champion, the Grim Rider has received great praise. Additionally, there was a blog post about Necropolis advisor at Ivan's Council, Anastasya, who already took part twice in H6.

Earlier this month we saw the release of a small article regarding Magic Guilds. In H7, there'll be four levels of Magic Guilds, with four spells per level (five for Academy thanks to Arcane Library). Each faction MG favours a certain Magic School, while other School is banned. Coupled with other ways to learn spells (Adventure Map buildings, Skills) and the return of randomness, the Spell Hunt promises to be fun in H7!

Finally, the Academy update is live on H7 website! As promised, we have samples of all creature 3D models, which I must say they look gorgeous (seek for Cabir's secret animation, so cute <3); followed up by The Wizards Waltz (Academy Faction Theme). Another masterpiece our favourite music duo, enjoy it :)

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