Meet the Age of Heroes Team

Our Partners

DG Associates DG Associates are the producer of Heroes of Might and Magic IV Collectible Card and Tile Game. Our partnership features the exlcusive H4 Card Game preview at Age of Heroes and The War Room of Axeoth (official game forum at Heroes Community).


GenieLord (HC Profile) has been an active community news poster on AOH for one and a half years (2007-2008).

Sfidanza (HC Profile) made many contributions to AOH including extensive work on HOMM5 data sections and the HOMM5 manual.

The Nether Gods was once a great and very popular HOMM3 web site. Web masters were Demoniak and Dark Tide, Maneater - the main strategist, Bladehawk and Webhead - technicians. The site was closed down in 2000. In our ICQ conversations, Demoniak has granted me permission to preserve the materials of their web site on Age of Heroes. I've converted and optimized the excellent content of The Nether Gods to complete our Heroes 3 section and will preserve it for the years to come.

Steven Lieberman prepared the images and data on which our Heroes 1 section is based.

Djive (HC Profile) lent us a hand in putting some of the Heroes 4 data into HTML templates.

Miru (HC Profile) helped out with some article translations and with putting together few of the HOMM2 and HOMM5 pages.