Gold 30K
Wood 30
Ore 30
Crystal 15
Gems 15
Mercury 15
Sulfur 15

Narrative: Our cause is public. Ironically, many humans have joined the elven population in our vision of an independent state. Already, factions loyal to Erathia and AvLee organize to stop us. We cannot continue without a strong base of operations. Faruk Welnin, mayor of the twon of Welnin, has sent a messaenger. He offers his protection and support. Our war for independance begins now. We must fight our way to Welnin and establish the Grail. When we have accomplished this, Welnin will become our foundation.

Size: Medium
Difficulty: Normal
Number of Players: 3
Your Color: Red
Starting Town: Rampart
Alliances: Red/Blue
Win Conditions: Build a grail structure at Welnin.
Lose Conditions: Lose Ryland the Ranger.
Special Rules: None
Scenario Description: To win, Ryland must reach the town of Welnin with the Grail and build a permanent home.

Suggested Solution:

A. Starting bonus - 3 Dendroid Soldiers

B. Approach - make haste reaching Welnin, everything else is irrelevant

C. Strategy - Welnin is not too upgradeable so don't bother with it past a Town Hall and a Marketplace. Let Ryland explore his surroundings a little. It will pay off as many of the creatures near by will join him. You will find sympathetic Dendroids to the right and some Swordsmen south of your starting location. Don't assume that all Dendroids or Swordsmen will be as friendly, though. Diplomacy will win you another neutral camp or two so make sure you advance it every chance you get. That means take the experience from the Treasure Chests you run across. Avoid the enemy Garrisons, they are not blocking the path you should be following. Further south you will encounter an enemy Castle. Capture it and use it to reinforce your army. Here you can upgrade your Swordsmen and buy some ranged troops as well. Make sure you venture south past the Alchemist Lab to befriend some Elves before you head eastward. You could build up this town a little more, if you wish, but don't overstay your welcome. By week 4 enemy heroes will be pouring out of the north-east. That is your cue to get moving. Don't worry about the Castle you'll be leaving behind - it's of no importance. The Border Guards protect nothing too interesting, so ignore them, too. If you built Stables before you ventured out of town, your journey to Welnin will take no more than four or five turns.

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Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the writer of this campaign walkthrough is Maneater.