Gold 20K
Wood 20
Ore 20
Crystal 10
Gems 10
Mercury 10
Sulfur 10

Narrative: For months, Tatalia and Krewlod have fought with Erathia and with each other in a series of border disputes. Normally, the Wizards of Bracada would be content to remain out of any fighting, but with all that Erathia has been through recently, they have chosen to assist us. The Wizards have set up a modest outpost on the shared Erathian/ Tatalia/ Krewlod border. Forces from our own military have been sent to the area to join them. Between us, we should be able to not only stop the fighting between Tatalia and Krewlod, but to re-establish the Erathian border as well. Strike quickly, and eliminate all opposition in the area. We must teach our neighbors that it was unwise for them to think they could take advantage of a weakened Erathia.

Size: Medium
Difficulty: Normal
Number of Players: 3
Your Color: Red
Starting Town: Two Castles and One Tower
Alliances: None
Win Conditions: Defeat all enemies.
Lose Conditions: Lose all your towns and heroes.
Special Rules:If you acquired either the Badge of Courage or Charm of Mana from Deal with a Devil, they'll follow you to this scenario. If you find the Pendant of Life or the Speculum, they'll follow you to Tunnels and Troglodytes.
Scenario Description: To win, you must capture all enemy towns and castles and defeat all enemy heroes. Some border guards can be passed only if a Hero carries a quest artifact from the previous scenario, but the artifact beyond the Border Guard will travel with you to Tunnels and Troglodytes.

Suggested Solution:

A. Starting bonus - Centaur's Axe or Shield of Dwarven Lords

B. Approach - approach this as you would a normal, stand-alone map. In other words, build one or two super heroes to smash the opposition

C. Strategy - build one of your Castles into a fort right away and start upgrading it along with your Tower. There are no Gem Ponds of Alchemist Labs in your territory, so be prepared to trade extensively, unless the Windmills provide you with the necessary resources when you need them. It's not a bad idea to visit the Refugee Camps regularly, either. Leave the Garrisons alone until you're ready to begin your offensive. Let the two computers slug it out while you stockpile troops. Once you have Arch Angels and Titans, start thinking "attack". The best way to accomplish the invasion is going through the middle Garrison with your two best heroes. Take the Castle to the south-west and leave your weaker hero behind to guard it while your better one follows the road south to a Stronghold and then south-west to another Stronghold. Now you've effectively split the map in half. The remaining three towns are to the west. Just watch out for the monolith connecting the north with the east and south-west parts of the board. One good hero with expert Logistics and Pathfinding should be able to contain any enemy activity. The Border Guards are located in two opposite corners of the map: red in the lower right, blue in the upper left. Refer to the Border Guard note to see which one you should be going after. Once you have your quest artifact, mop up and move on the next scenario.

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Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the writer of this campaign walkthrough is Maneater.