By Fabrice Cambounet

In Heroes of Might and Magic V, each race has a unique ability: heroes of each race have a specific "prevailing" class-related skill which defines the orientation of their RPG development. Also, in each race's town there are special structures supporting this racial ability and corresponding the heroes' skills. These structures can only be used by heroes of the same race.
Sometimes racial ability may coincide with class skill (Sylvan, Academy, Inferno, Necropolis), in other cases both of them will be used at the same time (Haven, Dungeon).
We created these abilities to reflect the specificities of each faction in the way it’s being played.


This skill can be upgraded. Depending on its level, the creatures under the hero’s control will deal more damage on retaliation strikes. This reflects the fact that Haven troops and heroes belong to a faction that is well organized and structured in combat, and also might-oriented.

Humans can train low-tier creatures to become high-tier ones (Peasants to Archers, Archers to Squires, Squires to Clerics, Clerics to Cavaliers). Training can be performed only in Haven towns where Training Grounds facility exists, and only by Haven heroes. Heroes of other races would not be able to use Training Grounds as they do not have the ability to do so. Creatures of other races can not be trained either.
The cost of this training ability is rather high at first, but can be reduced by upgrading the Training Grounds building or by learning a special skill called Expert trainer.


Infernal creatures in hero’s army are granted the ability to “gate”, i.e. call for the infernal plane to summon reinforcements to the battlefield.
Level 1 heroes are allowed to gate only low-tier creatures like imps and horned demons, and only a low percentage of the initial stack will join the battle. However, as skill level goes higher more powerful creature can be gated up to Pit Lords and Devils, and in greater numbers. It costs an action – and a turn – for a creature to gate their “brethren from hell”, and the reinforcements would not come immediately either, but you are free to choose where they shall appear (even behind the enemy’s castle walls if you like!). Gating can be improved by upgrading the skill and erecting special buildings in Inferno towns.


This ability already existed in previous Heroes installments for the Necropolis faction. It gave us the idea of creating a special ability that would unique to each race. Thank the undeads :).
So, necromancers have the unique ability to resurrect enemy bodies as skeletons to enlist in their ranks after a battle. You will only be able to resurrect a low percentage of deceased enemies at first, and you will only be able to generate skeletons. However, as your hero evolves you may wake greater armies and better troops with this method…


Dark Elves have an innate binding to the magical elements of nature, associated with damage and destruction. At the opposite of Academy wizards who rely on knowledge and wisdom, they have an instinctive and visceral sense of magic that allows them to improvise creative effects on basic spells.
As a result warlocks have the unique ability to deal increased magical damage to creatures with Magic Proof abilities and even against immune to magic creatures. The amount of damages dealt depends on the skill level.

Elemental Vision
Dark Elves have an innate binding to the magical elements of nature, associated with damage and destruction. With proper training – and with special buildings erected in Dungeon towns – the Warlock can “feel” what element (fire, air, water or earth) is bound to the given creature and to the terrain segment the creature is battling upon, and use this knowledge to his or her advantage. Attacking enemy creatures with opposing elements will result in additional damage, while positioning your creatures to match the elemental characteristics of the terrain will raise their stats.
This ability works even without conscious application, but if managed correctly it’ll be of significant power surplus for any Warlock hero.


Every wizard is highly trained in artifacts crafting and arcane arts. They are able to create “micro-artifacts” that can be used to equip the creatures in their army thus improving their stats.
Depending on the skill level, more complex and powerful equipment can be created.


Favoured Enemy
Elf rangers have the unique ability to train their creatures to fight a specific enemy.
Every ranger begins with at least 1 creature designated as favorite enemy, later in the game this can be changed with the help of Avenger’s Guild (special building in Sylvan towns) up to the maximum of four enemies per hero (according to the skill level).
Creatures in hero’s army deal more damage against enemy creatures that are currently in ranger’s Favorite Enemy list. Several other special abilities of the ranger take the Favorite Enemies list into account too.

Racial Abilities

Training Haven Ability. Lowers the cost of training creatures. N/A
Gating Inferno Ability. Improves the level of creatures that can be 'gated'. N/A
Invocation Dungeon Ability. Deal increased spell damage, ignores magic resistance. N/A
Elemental Vision Dungeon Ability. Uses the knowledge of the different elements to deal more damage to opposite elemental creatures and increase statistics of like elemental creatures. N/A
Artifice Academy Ability. The Wizards can create mini-artifacts for their creatures. N/A
Favoured Enemy Sylvan Ability. The player deals more damage to a designated 'favoured enemy'. N/A

Thanks to ThE_HyDrA for creating and looking after the Heroes 5 section of Age of Heroes!