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Posted by Storm-Giant at 02:32, 20 Dec 2014:
A Christmas Gift: Random Skills in Heroes VII!

The Might & Magic team has delighted us with a very special Christmas gift: after long months of discussion, Random Skills will be available as an option in Heroes VII! The player will have the freedom to choose a random or non-random skill system. Thus, one of the most controversial and discussed decisions of H7 has been resolved in a satisfactory way. Hurrah!

H7 weekly news doesn't stop here! From Heroes III to Heroes VII is an article that describes how some areas of the game are based or inspired by previous entries of the series, with emphasis on H3. Heroes VI system of splitted Might and Magic Attack/Defense has been scrapped in favour of the classic Attack and Defense (seen in H1-3,5). Likewise, heroes' stats will be as in Heroes III, with the addition of hero damage. The article also covers other topics like Luck and Morale, Creature Abilities, Multi-Faction Play and more.

We also got an article detailing the Academy Townscreen, with a list of all the buildings and their functions. Additionally, it is confirmed that the Town Portal system will NOT be like in H6. Now your hero will only be able to teleport to the nearest town, and if the corresponding building is constructed.

Expect another news somewhere during Christmas, focused on HC :)

Posted by Storm-Giant at 02:50, 16 Dec 2014:
Introducing Shapers of Lore, Academy Line-Up Detailed

As you might remember, during the previous month, Valeriy set up an icon contest to be used by any Ubisoft/M&M Developer representative who register in HC. Now is the time to formally introduce them!

Marzhin: Long time M&M fan, he was hired by Ubisoft during H6 production. Now works as a Designer & Writer for several M&M games, and he can be seen in Falcon's Last Flight and Dimension Gates forums.
Ubi-Nox: Ubisoft Community Developer for Heroes VII, he naturally checks Falcon's Last Flight forum to any H7-related content.
BB_Eraya: Heroes Online Community Manager, she drops by Dimension Gates forum to answer any question regarding Heroes Online.

The full Academy Line-Up was presented in H7 blog over the last week, with colored artworks, descriptions and abilities of the three tiers of creatures and Warfare units.
Finally, we now know the results of the last two votes. Faceless Memories won in Dungeon Townscreen Vote, while the third and last vote for the Collector's Edition (CE) has been effectively nulled, since Ubisoft has made the decision of including both options (Soundtrack, Lithographic Prints), something that should please those interested in acquiring the CE.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 17:10, 10 Dec 2014:
Heroes III HD Remake Announced for January 29th!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen! Ubisoft has just announced a remake of the acclaimed Heroes of Might & Magic III - Restoration of Erathia, a HD version to be released on January, 29th of 2015!

This remake offers several improvements. As it's showcased in this video, all game graphics will be upgraded. Secondly, widescreen compatibility will be added to the game. Furthermore, a new online multiplayer lobby will be available for PC users through Steam. The game will be also featured in tablets, with iOS & Android versions.

Alas, not all is good, as only the basic game, Restoration of Erathia, will be part of the remake, with Ubisoft alleging that at the time of 3DO bankruptcy and eventual sellout, NWC could only retrieve 'the usable source code of Heroes III Restoration of Erathia'. We'll have to wait and see if Ubisoft shares more information about H3 HD in the following weeks. In the meantime, you can join the heated discussion on HC.

On H7 news front, a new vote has arisen. But, contrary to the Sylvan counterpart, Dungeon's Townscreen will have not two but one, single vote. We are asked to choose the general setting, with Faceless memories and Star of the Deeps as the available options. A little over four days remains to submit any vote.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 22:48, 5 Dec 2014:
Website Update delayed, Community Q&A, new Vote on the way!

Earlier this week the H7 Community Team informed of a delay in the deployment of the upcoming website update, which will not only reveal the full Academy Line-up in action (3D models, artworks) but also implement several gamification features so as to make the experience in more enjoyable. In order to make the wait more bearable they released some Academy & Haven Wallpapers, which are available on our wiki.

While we eagerly await for the update, the M&M team offer us the possibility of asking questions about Heroes VII in the Community Q&A blog entry!. Questions can be submitted until next Tuesday. A selection of them will be answered afterwards.

We also had some 'movement' in the vote front. Collector's Edition vote, part 2 finished with the Deck of Tarot Cards soundly defeating Griffin Duchy Flag with 76% of the votes. A third and final vote concerning the Collector's Edition has started, where a choice has to be made between H7 Soundtrack OR Lithographic Prints of several H7 artworks. This vote ends in one week.

To finish this news article, the Silver Rose: Tanis is a new blog post that gives some background information about Academy Advisor at Ivan's Council. Enjoy the reading!

Posted by Storm-Giant at 19:38, 24 Nov 2014:
The Wizards’ Armies Have Arrived!

Here they are! As promised, the M&MH7 website was updated with several blog entries, a first introduction of Academy creatures in the form of sketches and brief descriptions. The Wizards' Armies, Core units presents the Cabeiri, Gargoyles and Golems. Elite units article does the same with Djinns, Rakshasas and Apprentices, while Arcane Eagles and Colossi are introduced in their corresponding article.

Between The Wizards' Armies entries, Armies and Troops in Heroes VII was released too. This gameplay-focused article explains the power range between units tiers, introduces the 'Favourite/Worst Foe' feature, and how Champions will be the main force of your army. Additionally, external Dwellings will be now upgradable, and neutral units (and their respective dwellings) are confirmed (as well as a hint to Gold Dragons!).

Finally, the HC Icon Contest ended with Alcibiades entry declared winner. This new icon can already be seen in action, and it should provide a more clear relationship between Might & Magic developers and our community.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 00:43, 15 Nov 2014:
Dungeon Line-up Vote #2 Results!

After a two-phase vote process, Dungeon Line-up has been set: Malassa's Thousand Faces is the winner, favoured by 64% of the fans in the second round. As a reminder, this Line-up features the return of both Troglodytes and Medusa to Dungeon, as well as the addition of a new creature, the Strider, a couple of Dark Elves units, and joined by the classical Minotaur, Hydra and Black Dragon.

Likewise, the second Sylvan Townscreen Vote results were also released today. With 63% of the votes, Harmony in the Moonlight will be the lighting and ambiance of this Townscreen. Thus, the Sylvan Townscreen will combine the Tree Island concept with the night setting. Finally, we've been promised several articles, including the first glimpse of the Academy Line-up, for next week, so get ready for an exciting week of updates!

Posted by Storm-Giant at 22:33, 11 Nov 2014:
HC Icon Contest, Sylvan Townscreen Vote #2

The Mage of the Land, Valeriy, has set up an icon contest (rules inside!) for official Ubisoft representatives who register in HC. The deadline to submit entries is of one week, and the winner will be rewarded with a Quality Point. Do your best, people!

On H7 side of news, the Tree Island came victorious in the first part of Sylvan Townscreen vote. The second vote has already started, and it focuses "on the lighting and the ambiance of this Townscreen", offering night and day setting. The vote ends in just two days, so don't forget to submit your vote.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 00:14, 8 Nov 2014:
Dungeon Line-up Vote Round 2, Sylvan Townscreen Part 1!

As I explained last week, Dungeon Line-up vote has been divided in two phases, and the official results are out! Malassa's Thousand Faces and the Blade from the Shadows will contest for being Dungeon final Line-up, for which we have one week to vote (again). In case you have doubts about what Line-up to choose, an article with descriptions & artworks of Dungeon possible creatures was released during the week.

Sadly it must be remarked that, just like in Sylvan Line-up Vote, some users attempted to influence in the results by creating fake accounts. This time the fake votes seriously compromised the fan voting process, as Malassa's Faces was last with the aforementioned fake votes. I sincerely hope Ubisoft will take measures in order to prevent this situations from repeating again.

On more positive news, we have not one but two votes going on! Sylvan Townscreen, part 1 focuses on the general setting of the Townscreen. This vote ends in just two days, and will be followed by a second vote that "will focus on the lighting and ambiance of the Townscreen". Finally, a couple of screenshots were released earlier in the week as eye candy. Enjoy them!

Posted by Storm-Giant at 21:26, 2 Nov 2014:
Dungeon wins, line-up vote starts!

It was a close result, but to not much surprise Dungeon ended up victorious over Inferno, with 56% of the fans supporting the Dark Elves of Ashan. The potential Dungeon line-ups (discuss here) have been announced (The Blade from the Shadows, Malassa's Thousand Faces and The Shield of Darkness), all featuring Minotaurs at Elite tier, Black Dragons + Hydras at Champion Tier; and some variance in the five remaining units.

However the Dungeon line-up vote comes with a twist. Instead of a single vote, this time it's divided in two. In the first round all three options will be available, with the two most voted options going to the second and final round. It's important to remark that each round will last only one week, so don't wait too long to submit your vote. Remember that you can change it at any time :)

This week it was released a blog post covering a crucial element of the game: Map control in Heroes VII explains several elements that will "provide options and means for the players to plan and execute a high level strategy" game. Choke points (like Bridges or Teleports) will be possible to destruct (and rebuild, for a price). Areas of Control have been refined, thanks to the return of Caravans (H5 style). Forts can be destroyed (and rebuilt), but also they'll be upgradable (in order to control Areas easier). A priori, Heroes VII seems to be more strategic than previous installments!

To finish this news article, we have a couple of lore updates. Tales of the Ten Years War, part 5 continues the war between several Haven duchies, while The Guardian Angel: Murazel features the first of the six advisors at Ivan's Council. And finally, we have the first interview to the people behind H7: Shadow Council Actors - Part 1 brings the community devs, Ubi-Nox and Kimmundi, to the spotlight. Have fun reading!

Posted by Storm-Giant at 00:42, 19 Oct 2014:
Tidbits of Information from Stream!

This past Thursday Xavier Penin (Lead Game Designer) and Julien ‘Marzhin’ Pirou (Lead Designer) did a live stream through (VOD), where they played Gamescom demo map while the fans got the opportunity to ask them questions. Among the answers (summary here) we now know that there are 4 levels of Magic Guild, the Initiative system will be similar to Heroes VI, the Skillsystem is currently non-random but there are talks to bring randomness as an option, and that there’ll be a vote for Dungeon/Inferno lineup.

Speaking of which, there are two blog updates which bring additional information of the current faction vote: Discover Dungeon and Discover Inferno. Another blog update explained how Town development works in Heroes VII.

The results of Ivan’s Figurine vote were released yesterday, with Ivan the Strategist as the winner. To complement this, an article about Ivan’s backstory was released on the Shadow Council. Tales of Ten Years War, part 4 was also published, as different duchies take part in the war.

Our Heroes VII Wiki also got a healthy amount of updates, like Haven Faction & Creatures pages, Community Engagement or Articles Reviews. Feel free to contribute and give feedback on the Wiki discussion thread!

Finally, Might & Magic Heroes Online is running a special week-long quest event called "The Crimson Traders", starting on Oct 23. This challenging quest adapts to the strength of your hero and offers the possibility to obtain unique units and items. You can find the details here.

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