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Posted by Cepheus at 13:43, 15 Jun 2011:
Welcome to the Heroes VI beta - first come, first served

Your turn-based strategy series needs you!

Ubisoft are practically giving away beta keys, and we're looking for 800 people to join the Heroes VI playtests. If you want in, simply send me an email stating that you want in, from your desired email address at this address, and we will do the rest:

-- --

Everyone is welcome. We're in a wild hurry to get as many people as possible, and as such, it's first come, first served! However, please be aware of the system requirements. Very important. If you find that you can't run the game upon loading up the beta then the effort is wasted.

There are many, many, many keys left to be given, so please invite your friends, your enemies (:P) - anyone who is willing and able to play the game.

And no, this is not a June Fools' joke!

Posted by Valeriy at 21:15, 25 May 2011:
Want to be part of Age of Heroes HOMM6 Team?

We are looking for HOMM fans who wish to have significant involvement in creating and maintaining what may become one of the most visited HOMM6 information sites. If you are interested, apply here:

> Invitation into Age of Heroes HOMM6 Team

Posted by Cepheus at 15:49, 27 Apr 2011:
Town screen and fan projects

There is a new and exclusive interview with Marzhin at the Ubisoft forums: included is the very first image of the Inferno town screen/window. The topic is heavily controversial, so I encourage you to post your thoughts and votes here: this time your words are going direct to Ubihole.

Quantomas, resident programming guru, has progressed significantly with his incredible and highly-ambitious Eternal Essence project for Heroes V, which is currently limited to extreme improvements in the game's AI, but is planned to eventually evolve into the Heroes V equivalent of WoG.

The VCMI project - an open-source recreation of the Heroes III engine - is also making strides. I wish them all the best, as their endeavour may represent the only hope of ever getting all-new, fully-functional towns into the game.

Posted by Cepheus at 06:31, 20 Apr 2011:
Heroes VI has been postponed one last time... and other news

Once again it's been a long time since my last post, so this will be a full burst of news:

- Most importantly and urgently: the release date of Heroes VI has been POSTPONED to the 8th of September to facilitate the best game possible.
- The first public beta is coming as soon as possible, but will NOT be available today (20th April)
- The Sanctuary faction, aka the Nagas, has been officially revealed.
- Video Q&As #1 and #2 with Marzhin and one with (former) community developer Xhane have been released. We plan to have another Q&A of our own very shortly.
- The official site has been updated with various kinds of Stronghold and Sanctuary data.
- The Reputation feature has been explained in detail. Some aspects are still open to persuasion.

As a personal comment - though it will feel like an inconvenience to many - I consider the delayed release to be, by far, the best Heroes VI-related news we could possibly have received; it ensures the game will reach its full potential, whereas if released in June it certainly would not have done so. You can discuss that particular philosophy here, as always.

Posted by Valeriy at 16:26, 23 Mar 2011:
Pre-Order Heroes 6 from Amazon + Collectors Deals

Our partner store Amazon is taking pre-orders for Heroes 6, which is due to release in three months from today. Here are the current prices:

Amazon US - 47.99 USD | Amazon UK - 24.91 GBP | Amazon DE - 49.95 EUR | Amazon FR - 59.95 EUR

Amazon DE is also offering Collector's Edition for 79.99 EUR

And if you are looking to fill the gaps in your collection there are great deals on at the moment.

Heroes 5 Collectors Edition with main game and both expansions is selling for:
US - 15.49 USD | UK - 8.19 GBP | DE - 8.99 EUR | FR - 14.30 EUR

Heroes 3 + 4 Complete includes both games and all expansions for only:
US - 10.07 USD | UK - 3.91 GBP | DE - 7.99 EUR | FR - 7.95 EUR

Posted by VokialBG at 13:47, 12 Mar 2011:
Conflux in Heroes 5 and new NCF's

Miss Conflux town from Heroes 3 AB? Some reason this town disliked by many Heroes fans was object of work for many modders over the years and many Altar regulars. For first time in Heroes 5 modding a fully created Academy to Conflux mod was released few days ago by the modder Consus. It features totally new creatures and new styled old units, nicely reskined Academy townc with a lot of new effects and gameplay. For more info and a discussion visit it's separated thread here.

The modder's community of HC also give us some nice NCF creatures:

- Chimera , Radiant Glory , Crusader and Ghost Ship by the French modding Champion Fauch;

- Adamant Golem, Tracker and Incubus by another NCF master - Psatka;

- Raven Mocker by Vojthus.

Posted by Cepheus at 13:22, 9 Feb 2011:
Heroes VI news and an amazing Heroes V patch

Since the previous update there have been several new developments:

Heroes VI's Lead Level Designer, Julien Pirou/Marzhin, answered several frequently asked questions on the topic of heroes in the form of the first video Q&A;

The official Heroes VI website has been updated with Stronghold content, including in-game creature models;

Xhane has begun to new in-game screenshots over the course of each week (five a week, one per weekday) at the Facebook page. These have been collected in the artwork thread;

Programmer Quantomas has created an incredible AI mod for Heroes V: Tribes of the East, dramatically improving the computer players' performance and speed via a full artificial intelligence rewrite based around Heroes III and the Fritz chess program. Testing is ongoing, but the patch is presently available - and is recommended.

Posted by Cepheus at 08:30, 5 Jan 2011:
Addressing the news blackout

There hasn't been enough communication on the game up until now, and Ubisoft seriously wish to address the problem. They are currently trying to decide which subjects they should prioritise. With their blessing, I've opened two topics at Heroes Community where you can:

- Tell the developers which topics they should inform you on first
- Ask questions which will be discussed, and might be answered in a video Q&A

Similar topics are now up at Celestial Heavens and the official forums. You can post in any one of them, and even if a question has been asked by somebody else, I encourage you to ask it again.

Posted by Cepheus at 16:57, 18 Dec 2010:
Paul Romero and Stronghold confirmed, MM marketing poll

Plenty of news this week. Most importantly, it was finally confirmed last night during the climactic Heroes medley at Video Games Live, by producer Erwan Le Breton, that Paul Romero and Rob King will compose the original score for Heroes VI!

We don't have a high-quality video of the event yet, but here is one which will do for now. The brand new Haven theme can be heard at the conclusion, along with about 45 seconds of exclusive Heroes VI footage. Scrutinise it closely; you may come across a few surprises ;)

The character of the Archangel General, Michael (no, not that one) has also been unveiled in this concept art - he will serve as one of the game's major antagonists. There is a marketing poll at Facebook related to the character, operating under the following premise:

"Dear fans,
In order to give you a deeper Might & Magic experience, Ubisoft is working on new products inspired from this amazing fantasy universe. We are, for example, thinking about developing a high end resin figurine of Michael the archangel, one of the most iconic characters in Might & Magic Heroes VI."

Please vote, but vote honestly. Don't worry about the potential development of the figurine cutting into the game's budget or affecting its quality, though - it doesn't work that way.

Lastly, we have a multitude of new ingame screenshots showcasing the now-confirmed Stronghold faction, and its entire creature lineup.

Posted by Cepheus at 15:22, 15 Dec 2010:
The fourth faction appears to be the Stronghold

Ubisoft's German Might and Magic site (Google translation) has exclusively released concept art and basic details for what appears to be the fourth faction in Heroes VI - the Stronghold (thanks to El Chita for reporting it) - however, the translated page refers to it as Fortress. The two words are synonymous, so either this is a misinterpretation from Google's software, or a hint that the dedicated Might faction will be occupying the Jungle terrain for the first time in their history.

There has been no confirmation of this at any of Ubi's other various sites.

Tidbits released so far:

- Jungle may be the native terrain
- The Cyclops will return, along with "a few other legendary creatures"
- One legendary creature, previously featured as a "male unit" in H5, will now be female
- Core Unit: Reaver / Destroyer, a hulking, club-wielding Orc
- Core Unit: Harpy / Fury, the classic Harpies with a twist
- Core Unit: Goblin / Hunting-Goblin (?), boomerang-wielding Goblins

Feel free to discuss these developments here, or here!

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