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Posted by Storm-Giant at 00:14, 8 Nov 2014:
Dungeon Line-up Vote Round 2, Sylvan Townscreen Part 1!

As I explained last week, Dungeon Line-up vote has been divided in two phases, and the official results are out! Malassa's Thousand Faces and the Blade from the Shadows will contest for being Dungeon final Line-up, for which we have one week to vote (again). In case you have doubts about what Line-up to choose, an article with descriptions & artworks of Dungeon possible creatures was released during the week.

Sadly it must be remarked that, just like in Sylvan Line-up Vote, some users attempted to influence in the results by creating fake accounts. This time the fake votes seriously compromised the fan voting process, as Malassa's Faces was last with the aforementioned fake votes. I sincerely hope Ubisoft will take measures in order to prevent this situations from repeating again.

On more positive news, we have not one but two votes going on! Sylvan Townscreen, part 1 focuses on the general setting of the Townscreen. This vote ends in just two days, and will be followed by a second vote that "will focus on the lighting and ambiance of the Townscreen". Finally, a couple of screenshots were released earlier in the week as eye candy. Enjoy them!

Posted by Storm-Giant at 21:26, 2 Nov 2014:
Dungeon wins, line-up vote starts!

It was a close result, but to not much surprise Dungeon ended up victorious over Inferno, with 56% of the fans supporting the Dark Elves of Ashan. The potential Dungeon line-ups (discuss here) have been announced (The Blade from the Shadows, Malassa's Thousand Faces and The Shield of Darkness), all featuring Minotaurs at Elite tier, Black Dragons + Hydras at Champion Tier; and some variance in the five remaining units.

However the Dungeon line-up vote comes with a twist. Instead of a single vote, this time it's divided in two. In the first round all three options will be available, with the two most voted options going to the second and final round. It's important to remark that each round will last only one week, so don't wait too long to submit your vote. Remember that you can change it at any time :)

This week it was released a blog post covering a crucial element of the game: Map control in Heroes VII explains several elements that will "provide options and means for the players to plan and execute a high level strategy" game. Choke points (like Bridges or Teleports) will be possible to destruct (and rebuild, for a price). Areas of Control have been refined, thanks to the return of Caravans (H5 style). Forts can be destroyed (and rebuilt), but also they'll be upgradable (in order to control Areas easier). A priori, Heroes VII seems to be more strategic than previous installments!

To finish this news article, we have a couple of lore updates. Tales of the Ten Years War, part 5 continues the war between several Haven duchies, while The Guardian Angel: Murazel features the first of the six advisors at Ivan's Council. And finally, we have the first interview to the people behind H7: Shadow Council Actors - Part 1 brings the community devs, Ubi-Nox and Kimmundi, to the spotlight. Have fun reading!

Posted by Storm-Giant at 00:42, 19 Oct 2014:
Tidbits of Information from Stream!

This past Thursday Xavier Penin (Lead Game Designer) and Julien ĎMarzhiní Pirou (Lead Designer) did a live stream through (VOD), where they played Gamescom demo map while the fans got the opportunity to ask them questions. Among the answers (summary here) we now know that there are 4 levels of Magic Guild, the Initiative system will be similar to Heroes VI, the Skillsystem is currently non-random but there are talks to bring randomness as an option, and that thereíll be a vote for Dungeon/Inferno lineup.

Speaking of which, there are two blog updates which bring additional information of the current faction vote: Discover Dungeon and Discover Inferno. Another blog update explained how Town development works in Heroes VII.

The results of Ivanís Figurine vote were released yesterday, with Ivan the Strategist as the winner. To complement this, an article about Ivanís backstory was released on the Shadow Council. Tales of Ten Years War, part 4 was also published, as different duchies take part in the war.

Our Heroes VII Wiki also got a healthy amount of updates, like Haven Faction & Creatures pages, Community Engagement or Articles Reviews. Feel free to contribute and give feedback on the Wiki discussion thread!

Finally, Might & Magic Heroes Online is running a special week-long quest event called "The Crimson Traders", starting on Oct 23. This challenging quest adapts to the strength of your hero and offers the possibility to obtain unique units and items. You can find the details here.

Posted by Valeriy at 04:30, 9 Oct 2014:
Heroes 7 Wiki is Open, HC Design & Games

I am pleased to announce the opening of our very own Might & Magic Heroes 7 Wiki! The Wiki is a collaborative community project to create a simple, fast and detail-focused Heroes 7 information web site. Heroes 7 wiki is integrated with Heroes Community, so any HC member can log in with their HC account to create and edit any page on the Wiki. Basically, it will be a Wikipedia for Heroes 7.

The first page I've been working on is Heroes 7 Game Features - a fully referenced list of what we know so far about Heroes 7 - all facts arranged in categories on a single page. To see what pages the others are working on or to claim a page of your own visit the wiki discussion thread.

Heroes Community Home Page has had a face lift that maintains the original design while making the page tidier and easier to read. The same changes will soon be applied to the forum pages. There are also five new flash-based strategy games that can be accessed from the middle of HC homepage. Check them out if you're bored - the games are integrated so you can keep an eye on the forum activity while playing.

For those of you who have been using the FORUMS link above (replaced with Heroes 7 link), you can still jump to HC by clicking "Heroes Community" in the golden bar below, or click the HC logo above the angel's arm.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 15:42, 4 Oct 2014:
Sixth Faction Vote on the Way: Dungeon vs Inferno!

The results of Sylvan lineup vote were released this Tuesday, and the winner was Sylannaís Fury! Twilight Deers and Blade Dancers will lead Sylvan armies in Heroes VII. The results of this vote however were delayed due to cheating suspicions (which ended being true). In order to prevent this issue to happen again in the future, Ubisoft has implemented a captcha text required when you submit a vote, as well as some IP restrictions.

On a more positive news, we have not one but two votes going on! The sixth (and last) faction of H7 will be decided in Dungeon vs Inferno vote, for which we have one full month to cast our vote. The other vote is about Ivanís Figurine, which will be part of the Collectors Edition. This vote will last two weeks.

Ubisoft also revealed the full Haven lineup, first through a series of articles Armies of the Light (part 1, part 2 and part 3) with sketches and blueprints of Havenís creatures, and more recently by updating Haven page. Not only all Creatures & Warfare artworks have been unveiled, but also by opening a specific section for the units, with description, ingame render, artwork and skills. Have fun there! ;)

To end this dedicated H7 news, the seven resources were announced last week, and they are: Gold, Wood, Ore, Dragonblood Crystal, Starsilver, Shadowsteel and Dragonsteel. Finally, Tales of the Ten Years War, part 3 was published on the website, so check it out.

Posted by Valeriy at 09:32, 25 Sep 2014:
Might & Magic Heroes Online Launch & Special Codes

Might & Magic Heroes Online (MMHO) is launching in English worldwide on 29th of September. MMHO is a free to play browser-based game supported by micro-transactions (optional in-game extras that players can purchase). Notable features include attractive graphics, hex-based battlefields and co-op battles.

To celebrate the launch we have an exclusive set of special codes to give away. Entering one of these codes into your game profile gives you an exclusive set to change the appearance of your hero. The codes will be posted after launch on Heroes Community. Once you try the game, post your impressions here.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 18:09, 22 Sep 2014:
Heroes Community Exclusive Q&A, New DoC Expansion!

One month ago you had the opportunity to voice your questions about Heroes VII, and today we've received Ubisoft answers to some of them! This Q&A covers several hot topics like Skill system, Warfare units, Map Editor, Luck/Morale system and more! Big props to Elvin for his work as an AoH representative! :)

But the action doesn't stop here! Less than four days remain for the Sylvan Lineup vote, and during the past week Ubisoft released a couple of articles to give us a more clear idea of how each creature will look: Creatures of Irollan, part 1 and part 2. A reminder that you can change your vote at any time during the voting process.

Finally, on a non-H7 related news, a new expansion has been announced for Duel of Champions (DoC): Sins of Betrayal. Set for an October release, it will add 100 new cards and 6 heroes to the game. Its campaign will take place around Heroes 6 timeframe, featuring the fall of the Griffin family. The expansion will also touch several features of the game, like second-player advantage, replay manager and card rebalancing.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 18:24, 12 Sep 2014:
Sylvan Elected as the Fifth Faction, Line-up Vote Time!

Taking the lead since day 1 and never giving Fortress a chance, Sylvan has become the Fifth Faction of Heroes 7, elected by Might & Magic fans with a dominating 66% of the votes. No stop here, as we already have a new voting process in progress: Sylvan possible lineups! The three options mix classic creatures with new ones, offering a more defensive, balanced and offensive approach. Since the vote ends in 2 weeks, drop your thoughts on this thread while you make up your mind!

Heroes 7 website also got two additional updates: Tales of the Ten Years War, part 2 was released, the story continues after Maeveís death. Additionally, we got the first Screenshot of the Day, which shows a new battlefield, and both Gargoyles & Golems models in game. Expect more in the future.

Finally, Elvin has started a series of polls which may or not have any effect on the development of H7 but they should give a clearer picture of what the majority of fans favours and what it would rather avoid. The first poll is focused on the Magic System, so donít hesitate to vote & comment in order to make your voice heard!

Posted by Storm-Giant at 22:50, 3 Sep 2014:
Rob King & Paul Romero Interview!

We already knew Rob King & Paul Anthony Romero would be in charge of Might & Magic: Heroes 7 music, but Ubisoft decided to not only officially confirm their presence but also delight us with a 10 question interview!
In the interview the magic duo speak about past, present and future of Heroes music, as well as working again with mezzo-soprano Karin Mushegain, the recording process and more! They also revealed Haven faction theme, named Hope for Green Falls, and announced a new Might & Magic: Heroes concert in Poland, with Paul taking care of the piano. Weíll let you guys know the date as soon as itís revealed.

That isnít the end of Heroes 7 news, as a new entry was published last week on H7 site: Tales of the Ten Years War, part 1. In this series of blog entries, theyíll cover the background story up to where Heroes VII campaign starts. Expect more in the upcoming weeks!

Finally, a reminder that the Sylvan vs Fortress voting ends in 8 days, so make sure to submit your vote.

Posted by Storm-Giant at 20:58, 25 Aug 2014:
Heroes 7 Forum Set Up, Gamescom'14 Roundup!

The dust is settled, Gamescom 2014 came to an end, and we have the first batch of information about Might & Magic: Heroes VII!

First of all, our HC Heroes 7 forum has been set up! All the information of latest entry of the Heroes series can be found across the several sticked threads, as well as a lot of hot discussions. From the AoH team we give a huge welcome to all the new registered users! :)

Now, here are some of the most significant news about H7. Remember that we keep all relevant updates on the news thread:

- Limbic Entertainment is the developer choice for Heroes 7. They aren't new to the M&M franchise, having worked previously on Heroes 6 patching process, and fully developing Might & Magic X: Legacy. A group of Ubisoft employees is also helping Limbic on the production of H7.

- The Shadow Council is Limbic/Ubisoft approach to give the fans an opportunity to be part of the development of the game. Us (fans) we'll be able to vote on certain features of the game, as well as interacting with devs and more! You can read more about it here.

- H7 will feature six factions on release: Haven, Necropolis, Academy, Stronghold and two voted by the community. Right now the vote of the fifth faction is taking place, between Sylvan and Fortress!

- It is confirmed that both Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King will work on H7 music, as Romero himself confirmed on Facebook.

- We have the first gameplay video, courtesy of IGN. The video is focused on the demo map presented at Gamescom, and it showcases some of the strengths of Unreal Engine 3 (H7 engine), like altering the adventure map during the game.

- We already have the first two Q&A, both with important revelations. The first one was part of H7 press kit, while the second one was carried out by Celestial Heavens. Worth their read, I promise!

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