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Posted by Elvin at 15:10, 29 Sep 2013:
End of Online Support for H6, DoC: Forgotten Wars Released

The development cycle of Heroes 6 has reached its conclusion, with the team moving on to other major Might & Magic projects. This was not unexpected considering the downward development spiral that followed the bankrupcy of its original developers and even Limbic's attempts at patching the game were but a brief flicker in its life. I wish Limbic well in their future endeavours and especially in the upcoming Might & Magic X Legacy.

Speaking of which, the first unofficial patch for Might & Magic X Legacy has been released, introducing a number of updates and bug fixes. Limbic's dedicated blog is the best source of news if you want to keep up to date with the game's development.

Finally, Duel of Champions has released its third expansion! Forgotten Wars is the biggest expansion to date, with 148 new cards, new languages, and a solution for players to get single cards they were missing. It also introduces the Academy faction which seems to have a pretty interesting gameplay if I might add. It's a brave new meta :)

Posted by Elvin at 19:59, 19 Aug 2013:
Early MMX Version Access!

Might & Magic X - Legacy is officially pre-released, offering an Early Access, which is available through Uplay, Steam and Buka. Two things to note are that the box edition of Might & Magic X - Legacy is exclusive to Uplay and that Russian fans can get the box edition via Buka only!

You will be able to play Act I (out of four Acts), test four classes (out of twelve) and get a first impression of what MMX looks and feels like on an unpolished level. The Early Access is neither a final, nor a full game and still includes bugs, open polishing tasks and missing features.

The Limbic team is aware that they cannot make everyone happy. There will no doubt be discussions about free movement vs tile-based, 6 character parties, Xeen vs Mandate, etc but it could not be helped, some decisions had to be made.
What they can promise though is, that they follow discussions, read as much as they can and process the feedback. More information on the MMX blog.

Finally, I have opened a new topic for Early Access Discussion so drop by!

Posted by Elvin at 15:17, 15 Jun 2013:
M&M Legacy X Updates and first Duel of Champions Tourney!

Since its reveal, the Legacy blog has made some updates on Characters, Classes, Portrait Expressions, what makes the game Fun and of course the first Introductions on the Team behind the Production. A warm welcome to Anna, Lore and Marcus!

There is also an interview of Julien Pirou, aka Marzhin, the game's Creative Designer & Writer.

What do you think of the blog and more importantly, the game so far? Feel free to join the discussion and share your thoughts here.

Meanwhile I am delighted to announce the first No Rare Tournament for Duel of Champions, hosted by Dave_Jame! Do you like DoC? Then join for some friendly tournament fun :) Just make a post to let us know you are in, your hero of choice and don't forget, no rare or epic cards allowed!

Posted by Valeriy at 02:23, 13 Jun 2013:
Interactive Heroes 6 Hero Builder Tool

Together with Aurelain (the creator of the Heroes 5 Skill Wheel and Heroes 6 Skill Summary), we proudly present the updated 2.1 version of the Skill Summary tool: Skill Summary Tool v2.1

This updated version of the tool features the Dungeon faction, has more information including cooldowns and mana costs, is accurate up to patch 2.1 and is integrated with the AOH Heroes 6 Wiki. The wiki integration means that the community members can enhance the information available inside the tool and keep it up to date with the latest patches.

The tool has another neat feature - you can copy and paste a link that will instantly display the hero build you've created inside the tool. We have a special thread where you can share your favourite hero builds and load the hero builds created by others: Heroes 6: Ultimate Hero Builds.

If you want to comment on the tool itself, head over to The AOH Heroes 6 Wiki Thread.

Posted by Elvin at 18:42, 6 Jun 2013:
Might & Magic X Legacy Open Development Phase!

The Might & Magic X Legacy Team is proud to announce the start of its Open Development phase! Through their website and a dedicated blog, you will get a detailed view behind the scenes of the production and development process of the game. They also want our feedback, the fans can influence the shape and design of the game directly by sharing their knowledge and suggestions with the Team. Is this the beginning of a new Ubi communication policy for the future? I'd like to think so!
You can check the Dev trailer here.

Posted by Elvin at 19:03, 11 May 2013:
Do you experience Issues with Shades? Report here!

As you may know, there are still several persisting issues with Might & Magic VI and Shades of Darkness. Many have been fixed and others are being investigated but the multitude of pc hardware make them hard to reproduce and this is where you come in. The devs are asking the community to help them narrow down those issues by people who can reproduce them or experience them regularly. All you need to do is send a DxDiag report and your ErrorReporting folder, more details here.

Those details are the only way to understand why those issues happen to such a large number of people and some help finding the cause would be appreciated.

Posted by Valeriy at 09:14, 6 May 2013:
Shades of Darkness: Dungeon Creatures, Artifacts, Strategies

Shades of Darkness Expansion is out, and so is the 2.1 patch which fixes many bugs in the base Heroes 6 game. There are some roll-out issues involving patches, compatibility between heroes games bought via different mediums and unlockable content. Some of these issues have been resolved and others are work in progress. The initial reactions to the Dungeon faction are positive. The town is interesting to play and the campaign seems well made.

Our new Heroes 6 info section has been updated and features a detailed Dungeon Creatures page and a list of New Artifact Sets. There are also sortable creature comparison tables which let you compare Dungeon creatures against the other factions: Core, Elite, Champion.

Couple of dedicated threads have been set up on HC to discuss Dungeon Strategy and Dungeon Campaign. If you are looking for info on installing the 2.1 patch or on how to make games purchased through different mediums work together, there are a few helpful threads on the Heroes 6 Forum.

Posted by Valeriy at 08:22, 14 Apr 2013:
AOH Heroes 6 Wiki & Upcoming Heroes 6 Expansion

Age of Heroes now has its Heroes 6 section, and it is a wiki that runs on the same software as Wikipedia. Any member of Heroes Comunity (with at least 5 posts on the forums) can log into the wiki with their HC account to edit/create pages. The vision is to create a community information resource that is created and maintained by the community. Big thanks goes out to Miru, whose work and perseverance made this project possible.

The initial content is faction info, a list of artifacts and most notably the sortable creature pages which let you compare creatures by specific stats across tiers and factions. The wiki will be expanded over time, and input is welcome from all Heroes Community members. Let's see if we can make a Wikipedia for Heroes 6. Feel free to dive in. Feedback is welcome on HC.

Heroes 6: Shades of Darkness expansion pack is set to release on the 2nd of May.
This will be a stand-alone expansion pack that features a new faction - Dungeon - with its full line-up of creatures and heroes. There will be two new campaigns, and also additional artifacts, abilities and achievements. This is a proper expansion pack as opposed to the two earlier content packs.

You can Pre-Order Shades of Darkness Here ($29.99) to download it the minute it comes out and get the pre-order goodies (Angel of Death Pack and the Dynasty armory Pack).

Posted by Elvin at 19:07, 16 Mar 2013:
Might&Magic Secret Page!

Ubisoft twitted the following message the other day.

By the way, there is a secret page having made its apparition on a M&M site. Can you find it and discover something new ...?

Storm-Giant searched the site's source code and found.. this! Any ideas what that is about? A discussion has started here if you want to add your opinion.

In other news Irina mentioned that there will be some fixes with Shades of Darkness which was the least ubi could do but I am rather relieved. Hopefully those fixes will find their way into the original game too..

Last but not least, congratulations to Nikolas for winning the Duel Map Finals! He has without a doubt proven that he was our best player for this season. This week there will be a special fun round, if you want to join check here.

Posted by Elvin at 20:11, 14 Jan 2013:
AOH Q&A, new Duel Map Tourney and more!

On December some of you had voiced questions on Shades of Darkness and the future of the series. I am delighted to present you with your Q&A with Erwan's clarification on faction magic as a bonus :)
You may also be interested in a Duel of Champions interview and a Q&A on Heroes Online.

The first season of the Duel Map Tourney is coming to a close with one last, special round - the Tears&Blood Cup! If you are interested in joining drop by and introduce yourself :)

Finally there are two great Heroes III mods that deserve some mention:

The Horn of the Abyss (HotA) 1.2 is out, coming with a working RMG, the introduction of bad luck, new content such as new adventure locations and victory conditions and new maps. Sadly the English version is not yet ready, stay tuned!

There is also the beta release of The Succession Wars Mod. It converts Heroes III graphics into Heroes II ones, adds new creatures to the original HII factions (since it's a 7-tier system) and of course new heroes and specializations.

Tomorrow there will be an official announcement on Shades of Darkness, keep an eye out.

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