Gold 30K
Wood 30
Ore 30
Crystal 15
Gems 15
Mercury 15
Sulfur 15

Narrative: Catherine Ironfist has enlisted aid from Bracada and AvLee. She knows we are close to Steadwick. We must occupy Steadwick before she arrives. Once we own Erathia’s capitol, not even Catherine Ironfist will wrench it from our hands.

Size: Large
Difficulty: Normal
Number of Players: 2
Your Color: Tan
Starting Town: Dungeon, Castle, and Inferno
Alliances: None
Win Conditions: Capture a specific town.
Lose Conditions: Time Expires (Month 4, Week 1, Day 1) or lose all towns and heroes.
Special Rules: You start with your heroes from either Groundbreaking or A Devilish Plan.
Scenario Description: To win, you must capture the city of Steadwick within three months.

Suggested Solution:

A. Starting bonus - Whichever set of heroes you developed better (Inferno from "A Devilish Plan" or the Dungeon from "Groundbreaking").

B. Approach - Develop one town fast and use it to crush the opposition. I suggest you go with the Dungeon since it starts better upgraded plus you get a Dragon Cave and a Manticore Lair creature generators near by.

C. Strategy - Underground: Ore Pit north-west of your Dungeon (lightly guarded) + a Warren creature dwelling, Manticore Lair and Dragon Cave dwellings to the south.

*there's a little trick you could use here: flag only the Manticore and Dragon dwellings. That way your portal of summoning will recall only those two powerful creatures! Yes, that hurts you a little bit in the beginning, but it might be worth it in the end when you'll need all the high-end monsters you can afford.

Aboveground: there are a wood and a sulfur mines north-west of your Castle and north of the Inferno. They are all lightly guarded. Alchemist Labs, in case you really want to get Devils, are located north-east of the Inferno and north-west of the Castle. You'll also find a couple of Refugee Camps to the west of both your aboveground towns. I suggest you set aside a hero or two to collect any useful creatures that may appear there. Visit them regularly to get the maximum benefits. By the end of month two you should have a large enough army to begin your offensive. Don't worry about exploring the whole map. You probably won't have enough time and, besides, you'll get your chance in a later campaign to see the rest. Arm your best hero with a powerful mix of Inferno and Dungeon creatures, such as Black Dragons, Scorpicores, Efreet Sultans, Minotaur Kings, and Medusa Queens, that will give you the great mobility, strength, and range that's needed for siege combat. Head west of your Inferno town where you will find an enemy Castle guarding the entrance to the valley housing the city of Steadwick. Take it and hire a cheap scout from there. After you break through the garrison near by, send the scout into the valley and move him/her north-west past the crystal mine and then past the Griffin Towers then straight west. If the scout survives that far, the area immediately around Steadwick will be uncovered and if you're really lucky, General Kendal will go after the scout behind the Castle, giving you a chance to sneak past him the following turn and take the city without having to confront him. That all depends on what radius of movement he was allowed by the map designers, but it's a strategy worth-trying regardless. The one situation you want to avoid is fighiting the general while he's behind the city walls. It's much better to let him attack you on open ground, if there's no way to avoid the battle. Once Steadwick falls, the campaign is over and you can move on.

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Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the writer of this campaign walkthrough is Maneater.