Gold 15K
Wood 15
Ore 15
Crystal 7
Gems 7
Mercury 7
Sulfur 7

Narrative: I grow weary of this war. So do the necromancers. We have agreed to co-operate in the destruction of King Gryphonheart. I never thought I would fight alongside the necromancers but today we forge weapons for both our armies. With their help, along with the forces from Bracada and AvLee, we should be able to repel all undead from Erathia.

Size: Large
Difficulty: Hard
Number of Players: 2
Your Color: Red
Starting Town: One Necropolis, Castle, Rampart and Tower
Alliances: None
Win Conditions: Defeat all enemies.
Lose Conditions: Lose all your towns and heroes.
Special Rules:You start with the seven strongest heroes from Safe Passage along with Nimbus. Your six strongest heroes follow you to For King and Country.
Scenario Description: To win, you must capture all enemy towns and castles, and defeat all enemy heroes.

Suggested Solution:

A. Starting bonus - 35 Grand Elves

B. Approach - build your towns at a similar rate so you can defend each part of the border equally well

C. Strategy - both you and the computer start with four towns, but you get a huge edge in two areas: your heroes should be better and the Grand Elves you took as a starting bonus will be a big factor early on. With the combination of spells and those elves, you will be clearing mines and other sites in no time. Make sure you build a Lookout Tower so you know exactly where to go. A Cover of Darkness will keep the enemy at bay in most situations. If you are brave enough, you could even mount a little invasion of your own at the start of the game. The 35 Grand Elves will make that option possible. With a little luck you'll probably be able to conquer a town or two before they mount any significant defenses. The locations of the enemy bases are as follows: one to the west of your Necropolis, a second one is straight north of your Tower, a third lies north of your Castle, and the final base is located in the top left corner of the board. In any event, start planning a massive attack as soon as you have level 4 creatures in every town. That shouldn't take you more than two weeks to accomplish. There is a refugee camp south of your Necropolis, which may help boost your starting armies. By day 7 of week 4 you should have 4 castles, 3 city halls, 1 capitol, and be up to level 6 creatures in every town. You should also have enough money to arm your three best heroes to the teeth and send them north. Do so early in the second month after you've made all the necessary troop upgrades. Take your Rampart hero through the second Garrison from east to west, then go north from there to reach an enemy town. Take your Tower hero through the next Garrison down, then continue north to capture another town. Take your Castle hero to the western-most Garrison. You will find an enemy Necropolis just north of it. Your initial objective is to corner and contain the enemy while you continue to build up. You could decide to go ahead and finish the job, but advancing your magic and your stats has its advantages in the long run. What you need to get out of this scenario are two good heroes with expert Wisdom and Earth Magic and all the spells you can gather. There is an "extra" town located in the middle of enemy territory to help you accomplish that. The Keymaster's Tent needed to access this city is in the lower right corner of the map and is guarded by Liches. When you're satisfied with your heroes' development, mop up and move on.

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Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the writer of this campaign walkthrough is Maneater.