Gold 20K
Wood 20
Ore 20
Crystal 10
Gems 10
Mercury 10
Sulfur 10

Narrative: Representatives from both Tatalia and Krewlod seek your services... again. Both nations claim the last strip of Erathian land between their countries. Few Erathian castles remain in the area. They are nothing more than token resistance. The most ferocious battles will occur between Tatalia and Krewlod. Ironically, this land has little value. This is a border war. Tatalia seeks to further extend its reach from the lowlands to the hills. Krewlod wants to halt Tatalia's march before it reaches their northern border. No matter which side you fight for, the other will perceive you as a traitor. Choose wisely. Choose the winning side. Your life depends upon it.

Size: Large
Difficulty: Normal
Number of Players: 3
Your Color: Blue or Purple
Starting Town: Three towns (one already
with a fort, and two with only a hall)
Alliances: None
Win Conditions: Defeat all enemies.
Lose Conditions: Lose all your towns and heroes.
Special Rules: You start with the heroes you developed in either Gold Rush or Borderlands.
Scenario Description: To win, you must capture all towns and castles and defeat all enemy heroes. Regardless of which side you choose, the other will forever consider you a traitor (which makes no difference anyway, since you won't be hearing from them anymore :P).

Suggested Solution:

A. Starting bonus - your choice (Fortress or Stronghold)

B. Approach - build your towns up faster than the opposition

C. Strategy - The strategy is the same no matter which side you picked, i.e. win the arms race and attack in force from multiple sides. The border Garrisons are pretty strong so blitzing is not an option. Go for troops advancement, instead. Since a good build order is paramount in the early stages, here's a suggestion on what to do: start by erecting a fort for one of your minor towns and town halls for the rest. Upgrade both your forts up to at least level 6 creatures before you consider a third fort. There is enough loose, unguarded wood and ore lying around to help you accomplish that. Most of the mines are unprotected, as well. It is also vital that you flag the external creature generators as soon as possible. Visit them every week to horde low level armies more efficiently. Your little piece of territory will provide you with enough resources to build all of your bases relatively quickly. In fact, the only resource you may need to trade for is sulfur. The Garrisons' protection should give you enough time to prepare for war. Just pay attention to the little exit Monolith. It can prove to be both a blessing and a curse. Any enemy hero passing through it will be trapped inside your territory. If that hero is manageable, it could mean some bonus experience points for you and may be even some extra artifacts. If he/she is strong, you may have trouble rallying your forces in time to protect whichever town he/she chooses to go after. The Barbarians will find themselves at a greater disadvantage in that area since the Monolith on their side is right near a town, forcing them to maintain a constant strong garrison force there. If you are the Fortress, you may want to keep this in mind when planning an offensive. It is, generally, a good idea not to get caught near that Monolith exit at the end of your turn.

This is a realtively large map so don't get caught in a lengthy war for territory. Use superior force to sweep across the board, instead. You will probably need three heroes to accomplish that feat. The strategic map is divided into three main parts: the north-west corner (Fortress territory), the middle (Castle territory), and the south-east corner (Stronghold territory). The Fortress and Stronghold territories are mirror images of each other, while the Castles are situated in a diagonal line slanting downwards from north-west to south-east. In addition, there is a neutral Stronghold town in the upper right part of the map and a Fortress one in the lower left. If you can capture one of these towns sometime in the mid-game, you could use it as another base of operations. Going south through the lower Garrison is also the shortest way for the Fortress to the sea, which occupies the whole southern part of the map. The Barbarians get instant access to it, but there's isn't much of value in there aside from some floating debree. The gold mines on the islands are guarded by hordes of Gorgons even early on.

Once you have enough troops (look at the Thieves' Guilds to see who's ahead in army strength), send your three strongest heroes out to conquer, while the rest remain behind to guard your bases. Attack from three different sides on a large front to achive the desired sweeping effect. Protect the captured territory the best you can without slowing down too much. This will be a long game so I can't offer any specific strategies considering the amount of variables involved. However, if you follow this basic approach, you'll do fine. Good luck and have fun!

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Thanks to The Nether Gods team - the writer of this campaign walkthrough is Maneater.