Campaign Thieves

Captain Swift Captain Swift - Male Human
Biography: Swift is the infamous captain of the pirate ship, Assassin. Although he is as merciless as any rogue, he sometimes exhibits a sense of honor that most pirates scoff at. Perhaps there is some truth to the rumor that Swift used to be an admiral in the Queen's navy.
History: New
Part in: A Pirate's Daughter
Pete Girly Pete Girly - Male Human
Biography: Pete is famous for his skills in torture and interrogation. He is a dangerous man to have as an enemy, but canít be trusted as an ally either. He gets his odd name from his extremely long, blonde hair - a joke he accepts with pride now, but the man who first made it up is long dead.
History: New
Part in: A Pirate's Daughter
Tawni Balfour Tawni Balfour - Female Human
Biography: It took a cutthroat attitude and calculating ambition for Tawni to survive the rough sailor towns where she was raised. When this fiercely independent woman became a pirate, she soon followed her infamous fatherís footsteps and became the scourge of the sea. No matter how much Tawni gains, however, it is never enough.
History: New
Part in: A Pirate's Daughter

Campaign Sorcerers

Cyrca Cyrca - Female Half-Medusa
Biography: Cyrca is the daughter of a powerful medusa sorceress and a human necromancer. She later followed in her motherís footsteps and became a leader of her people. Although she is not a real medusa (and canít turn anyone into stone), she has held her rule thanks to her considerable magical talent.
History: New
Part in: A Pirate's Daughter (Original Homm4 Chaos Campaign).

Campaign Death Knights

Suraze Suraze - Male Demon
Biography: Suraze is an ancient and charismatic demon who has seen the destruction of two worlds and has come to realize that he has nothing to show for it. No longer motivated by causing havoc, Suraze now wants wealth and power (and perhaps the occasional war).
History: New
Part in: Half-Dead (Original Homm4 Death Campaign). He is one of the characters of tha campaign and takes part in 1 map: The Unholy Breath. A demon general whom Galdoth fighted against a demon rebelion was freed by Galdoth's master Kalibarr in order to kill the half dead, however demon betrays Kalibarr and for a price helps Galdoth in defeating the old lich.

Campaign Necromancers

Kalibarr Kalibarr - Male Lich
Biography: Kalibarr is the lich necromancer who rescued Gauldoth from the crypts, making him his protege. As awesomely powerful as he is, Kalibarr's name is relatively unknown even among other necromancers.
History: New
Part in: Half-Dead (Original Homm4 Death Campaign). He is one of the main evil characters and takes part in 1 map as playable hero you must defeat: The Unholy Breath. An ancient lich from the old world who was and is master of Gauldoth. He was resqued by his minion from the demons, probably on old Antagarich world ruins, and after that he sent Gauldoth to numerous missions to increase his powers (how typical), in the end he decides to destroy all life in Axeoth (again, how typical) and allies himself with the Death God. Later on he got killed by Gauldoth.
Gauldoth Half-Dead Gauldoth Half-Dead - Male Human / Undead
Biography: Gauldoth's earliest memory is the bite of a vampire. During the Reckoning, a fire consumed most of his body, and due to an errant spell he was made into a contradiction both in body and spirit. He is half-living and half-undead, endlessly seeking to understand what kind of universe would create a being such as him.
History: New
Part in: Half-Dead (Original Homm4 Death Campaign). He is the main characters and takes part in all maps: Eater of Children, The Fiery Realm, The Points of Power, Life and Death, The Unholy Breath. An accident turned Galdoth into half undead entity, thus making him a contradiction of good and evil. Quite a phylosophic individual, Gauldoth forms a kingdom of Nekross and found his former master kalibarr, whom he gave this new kingdom as a present. However, his master sent him to new tasks on collecting items and killing the oponents, soon Gauldoth learns that his master gone insane and will try to destroy whole life in the new world, including part of Gauldoth (since he is half living), he stops his old master and frees his imprissoned folk from the prisons, where Kalibarr brought them for sacrifice. This campaign is the most interesting and thoughtful campaign there was in Heroes. It's challenging and has a great storyline where a standart role of evil is replaced with a role of balance. between good and evil.

Campaign Knights

Lord Lysander Lord Lysander - Male Human
Biography: Necromancers attacked Lysanderís family when he was a child, killing his parents and separating him from his siblings. He was wounded during the attack, and paralyzed for several years. A childhood of impotence has driven this young man to perform great deeds that have culminated in his founding the Kingdom of Palaedra.
History: New
Part in: The True Blade Campaign (Original Homm4 Life Campaign). He is the main figure and takes part in all 6 maps of that campaign: The Drawing of the Blade, The Trials, The First Step of Many, Seeking the Steel, The Rightful Heir. The campaign features a knight who is trying to save the kingdom of Paledra, which will be soon took from him by a fake Gryphonheart heir Sir Worton. In the end it appears that Lysander himself is a Gryphonheart.
Sir Kentaine Sir Kentaine - Male Human
Biography: Sir Kentaine was raised from a squire to a knight when he single-handedly saved the Kingís life during an assassination attempt. His long career as the Kingís Swordbearer soon became the subject of many tales, most of which state that Kentaine is the example of a perfect knight.
History: New
Part in: The True Blade Campaign (Original Homm4 Life Campaign). He is one of the main figures and takes part in last part of that campaign: The Rightful Heir. Father of Sir Worton, he accompanied Lysander for revealing that his son is not a Gryphonheart.
Sir Worton Sir Worton - Male Human
Biography: As the youngest son of the legendary Swordbearer, Sir Kentaine, Worton always felt he couldn't live up to his father's glorious reputation, so he didn't even try. He has many contacts among the criminal element, and will do just about anything to get what he wants.
History: New
Part in: The True Blade Campaign (Original Homm4 Life Campaign). He is the main villain and takes part in all 6 maps indirectly (storylike), in last campaign: The Rightful Heir you must defeat him. Too ambitious spoiled child decided to take over the kingdom with false Gryphonheart Blade. Prisoned his mother Desette and tried to find and kill his father Sir Kentaine in order that noone would ever find out who's heir he is for real.

Campaign Priests

Desette Desette - Female Human
Biography: Desette is the lively wife of the legendary Sir Kentaine, Swordbearer to King Gryphonheart. She happily spent most of her years raising a family and gardening, but in this new world and tragic times she has been forced to take a more active role in the politics of Palaedra.
History: New
Part in: The True Blade (Original Homm4 Life Campaign). She is one of the main figures and takes part in 2 maps of that campaign: Seeking the Steel, The Rightful Heir. Mother of Sir Worton, this woman was prisoned within a garrison in order to have Worton's secret kept, that he is no Gryphonheart.

Campaign Barbarians

Waerjak Waerjak - Male Human
Biography: Waerjak was raised without a tribe and without a family, wandering the land with his foster father. But he never forgot his Barbarian blood. This intelligent and worldly young man now hopes to one day reclaim the long-forgotten glory and honor of his people.
History: New
Part in: Glory of Days Past (Original Homm4 Might Campaign).

Campaign Archers

Gramin Gramin - Male Elf
Biography: Gramin is a career soldier who joined the Forest Guard as soon as he was of age. Heís fiercely loyal to the defense of his people, and to his daughter, Shaera. As a single father (Shaeraís mother died when she was young), Gramin sometimes has trouble choosing between his duty and her love.
History: New
Part in: Elwin and Shaera (Original Homm4 Nature Campaign).
Lord Harke Lord Harke - Male Elf
Biography: Born into one of AvLeeís noble families, it was Harke's fate to join the Elven Court and maybe one day lead the elven people. When he entered the Forest Guard, however, he found he loved the intricacies of battle and remained one of its commanders for far longer than anyone would have expected.
History: New
Part in: Elwin and Shaera (Original Homm4 Nature Campaign).
Shaera Shaera - Female Elf
Biography: Shaera loves her father dearly even if Gramin can be overprotective at times. Although Shaera is considered one of the greatest beauties of the Elven Court, she prefers training her birds of prey to dancing and flirting.
History: New
Part in: Elwin and Shaera (Original Homm4 Nature Campaign).

Campaign Druids

Elwin Elwin - Male Elf
Biography: Elwin is more interested in the grandeur of court life than the peaceful solitude of the forests. He lives in the moment. If not for his charming personality, the Elven Court would probably ignore this tall, gangly elf. But Elwin is one who can never be ignored.
History: New
Part in: Elwin and Shaera (Original Homm4 Nature Campaign).

Campaign Lords

Tharj Tharj - Male Dwarf
Biography: Over the past century, Tharj has taken part in most of the major battles that raged across the landscape of Antagarich, both as a mercenary and an officer in the armies of Erathia and AvLee. He is highly goal oriented, stiff, and stubborn.
History: New
Part in: Price of Peace (Original Homm4 Order Campaign). He is one of the main figures and takes part in 2 maps of that campaign: An Unusual Betrayal, To Slay an Immortal. A grumpy Dwarf, who is with Emilia from first mission, but physicaly joins her later. Dwarf is her general, but meets his sad end when he is hypnotized and tires to assassinate Emilia. An archer shoots him down.

Campaign Mages

Emilia Emilia - Female Human
Biography: Emilia had a simple upbringing as the only daughter of a glassblower employed by an alchemist. The Reckoning took her home and family, and she certainly would have perished too if not for the kindness of an old enchantress. Today, she is an intelligent young woman with a strong sense of fairness.
History: New
Part in: Price of Peace (Original Homm4 Order Campaign). She is the main figure and takes part in 5 maps of that campaign: At the Crossorads, An Enemy's Trust, An Unusual Betrayal, To Slay an Immortal, The Price of Peace. In those campaigns naive, freedom for all seeking mage Emilia fights against Gavin Magnus who wants to enslave every living creature with his hypnotic crystal, after final combat Emilia is left handicapped.
Gavin Magnus Gavin Magnus - Male Human
Biography: Also known as the Immortal King, Gavin Magnus is the haughty former ruler of Bracada and one of the most powerful spellcasters alive.
History: Since a very long time ago (Possibly, when Tarnum the barbarian destroyed Bracaduun). Wizard King of Bracada.
Part in: Price of Peace (Original Homm4 Order Campaign). He is the main bad guy. He takes part in all maps storylike and in the last map of that campaign: The Price of Peace he appears himself. An old immortal king, who saw too much destruction and mistakes in his life, decides that it's his right to form a new order in the world, by pushing his slave Solmyr he finds a hypnotic Rainbow Crystal and begins his conquest for the world domination. This new order shoud make world free of wars and kilings, but also destroy all free will for every living being.
Genevieve Seymour Genevieve Seymour - Female Human
Biography: Genevieve is a woman driven by her ambition, which keeps her emotionally distant from others. She has few friends, if any, but she has never needed them. She was raised in a brothel, about as poor as anyone can get, but survived her harsh childhood thanks to her resourcefulness.
History: New
Part in: No Campaign, for some reason she is disabled.
Pherlon Pherlon - Male Human
Biography: Overall, Pherlon's life has been relatively uneventful with the exception of a few pirate raids on his merchant ship. He has been rich, poor, rich, and poor again. He also fell in love once, married, and fell out of love. Hence, Pherlon has developed an endless store of patience and a practical outlook toward life.
History: New
Part in: No Campaign, for some reason he is also disabled.

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