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  1. (Russian) Heroic Corner (1319 in / 5114 out) Rated: 0
    A popular Russian website that has a very comprehensive and visual coverage of Heroes 4, the latest info on Heroes 5, an active forum, frequent news updates and other useful information. [broken link]

  2. (Czech) Heroes Centrum (836 in / 5971 out) Rated: 0
    Czech center about all Heroes of Might and Magic games, specialized on Heroes V. You can find here: screenshots, artworks, lot of information, etc. [broken link]

  3. (French) heroes-fr (709 in / 5161 out) Rated: 0
    French Community site on heroes of might and magic 5. [broken link]

  4. (Polish) Acid Cave (647 in / 4082 out) Rated: 0
    A Polish HoMM-MM fan site concerning the less common aspects of the game (f.e. the entire storyline, game mods and unofficial add-ons, Arcomage, The Forge, dragon races...). Go in and try to survive :). [broken link]

  5. (Russian) Heroes 5 Portal (564 in / 3968 out) Rated: 0
    This is a portal around Might And Magic universe. It has information about all aspects of this world. There are tournaments, maps, latest news, forum, voting, reviews and more. [broken link]

  6. (Spanish) La Torre de Marfil (498 in / 3799 out) Rated: 0
    Spanish Community of HoMM saga fans. [broken link]

  7. (Russian) Heroes League (186 in / 3950 out) Rated: 0
    A Russian HOMM multiplayer community that runs different kinds of Heroes Tournaments on a regular basis. [broken link]

  8. (Spanish) Heroes V (40 in / 4064 out) Rated: 0
    Exclusivamente Heroes V, todo infromación, mapas, tutoriales etc. [broken link]

  9. (Polish) Heroes Bastion Forum (21 in / 6920 out) Rated: 0
    A new Polish HOMM forum. A bit overloaded with advertising. [broken link]

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