Attack Skill Artifacts

+1 Giant Flail of Dominion+1 Giant Flail of Dominion +1 Thunder Mace of Dominion+1 Thunder Mace of Dominion
+2 Power Axe of Dominion+2 Power Axe of Dominion +3 Dragon Sword of Dominion+3 Dragon Sword of Dominion

Defense Skill Artifacts

+1 Armored Guantlets of Protection+1 Armored Guantlets of Protection +1 Defender Helm of Protection+1 Defender Helm of Protection
+2 Stealth Shield of Protection+2 Stealth Shield of Protection +3 Divine Breastplate of Protection+3 Divine Breastplate of Protection

Spell Power Artifacts

+2 Caster's Bracelet of Magic+2 Caster's Bracelet of Magic +2 Mage's Ring of Power+2 Mage's Ring of Power
+3 Witch's Broach of Magic+3 Witch's Broach of Magic +4 Arcane Necklace of Magic+4 Arcane Necklace of Magic

Knowledge Artifacts

+2 Minor Scroll of Knowledge+2 Minor Scroll of Knowledge +3 Major Scroll of Knowledge+3 Major Scroll of Knowledge
+4 Superior Scroll of Knowledge+4 Superior Scroll of Knowledge +5 Foremost Scroll of Knowledge+5 Foremost Scroll of Knowledge

Luck Artifacts

+1 Four-Leaf Clover+1 Four-Leaf Clover +1 Gambler's Lucky Coin+1 Gambler's Lucky Coin
+1 Golden Horseshoe+1 Golden Horseshoe +1 Lucky Rabbit's Foot+1 Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Morale Artifacts

+1 Medal of Courage+1 Medal of Courage +1 Medal of Distinction+1 Medal of Distinction
+1 Medal of Honor+1 Medal of Honor +1 Medal of Valor+1 Medal of Valor
-2 Fizbin of Misfortune-2 Fizbin of Misfortune

Movement Artifacts

land - Nomad Boots of Mobilityland - Nomad Boots of Mobility land - Traveler's Boots of Mobilityland - Traveler's Boots of Mobility
land & sea - True Compass of Mobilityland & sea - True Compass of Mobility sea - Sailor's Astrolabe of Mobilitysea - Sailor's Astrolabe of Mobility

Resource Artifacts

+500 Endless Purse of Gold+500 Endless Purse of Gold +750 Endless Bag of Gold+750 Endless Bag of Gold
+1000 Endless Sack of Gold+1000 Endless Sack of Gold

Miscellanous Artifacts

Ballista of QuicknessBallista of Quickness - catapult shoots twice per turn during seige SpellbookSpellbook - purchased at Mage Guild, enables remembering and casting of spells

Ultimate Artifacts

+12 Ultimate Sword of Dominion+12 Ultimate Sword of Dominion +12 Ultimate Cloak of Protection+12 Ultimate Cloak of Protection
+12 Ultimate Wand of Magic+12 Ultimate Wand of Magic +12 Ultimate Book of Knowledge+12 Ultimate Book of Knowledge

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