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CreateMonster(monsterName, creatureType, creaturesCount, x, y, floorID, mood=MONSTER_MOOD_AGGRESSIVE, courage=MONSTER_COURAGE_CAN_FLEE_JOIN, rotation=0);

monsterName – name of the monster, which can then be used in other script commands. creatureType – type of creatures that form the monster. creaturesCount – number of creatures that form the monster. x, y – coordinates of the tile onto which the monster is to be placed. floorID – the number of the floor onto which the monster is to be placed. mood, courage – these parameters affect the monster’s behavior, see below rotation – the monster’s angle of rotation (0 by default)


Creates a monster with creaturesCount creatures of the monsterType type in the tile (x, y) on the floor floorID, setting the name monsterName for it. If the specified tile is occupied (there is another object on it, or an object for which it is interactive), the monster is put onto one of the nearby free tiles. The latter two parameters affect the monster’s behavior when it encounters a hero (according to the standard logics of this interaction).

mood can take the following values:


courage can take the following values:

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