Scripting Tutorial By Kronos1000

Hello and welcome to my scripting tutorial I’ll explain how this works. :?: means a question of course it are all over the guide and then I’ll explain how. :!: means IMPORTANT these are things you’ll have to keep in mind while you’re writing your script.

This font is used as a place for a scripting example

Well then, there are three parts in this guide Basic, Advanced and Expert. Each of them explains a part of the scripting language the contain the following:

Basic: Messages, end; questions, variables and easy functions, triggers and syntaxes. Advanced: Harder triggers like OBJECT_CAPTURE_TRIGGER, startThread() and “for loops” plus more syntaxes and harder functions. Expert: “while loops”, Combat scripts, even more syntaxes 8-O and harder functions once again.

If you already understand everything of one part, feel free to skip it. ;-)


:-X STOP! Be sure you master EVERYTHING of the basic and advanced parts before moving on to the expert part if you think some parts are though don’t do the expert part yet, the expert part is gonna be 10 times thougher than the advanced part so make sure you understand everything!

Expert part comming soon :-o

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