HOMM2 Cheats!Heroes of Might and Magic 2 CHEATS!HOMM2 Cheats!

Everyone HATES cheaters! so you'll have to chose between honor and easy victory.
OK, if you've chosen easy victory, start a game, select a hero (one click) in adventure screen and type:
8675309 - Makes the Entire Map Visible.
32167 - Gives Five Black Dragons to a Selected Hero. Can be used multiple times.
911 - Win Instantly! "Cheater" rank in High Scores.
1313 - Lose Instantly! Tell someone in multiplayer to type it! hehehe!!!

Ultimate Cheat or Debug Mode. Looks like the most powerful cheat is built-in-the-game! It allows you to View whole map, Add extra hero mobilty (move as much as you want), Learn all spells + Endless Mana, Get free resources, Free creatures (5 each time) and add secondary skills. If you use it, you'll never have to end your turn :-) All you need to do is add /NWC to the command line, but I made it much more convinient: I made HOMM2 ULTIMATE CHEAT ACTIVATOR (v1.0) - 1kb only! Unzip it into the directory where HOMM2 is. Then every time you want to run HOMM2, run start.bat file. It will give you a choice to run HOMM2 with or without the ultimate cheat and also remind you of all known HOMM2 codes!

• On the title screen click on the door on the left - you will see some Might and Magic VI screen shoots.
• Build a shipyard and a ship and you can have and unlimited supply of ships! You MUST NOT enter the ship you build. Instead learn Summon Boat. You will see a new boat appear by your hero and you will still have the original boat. Do this as much as you like but don't move the first boat!
• Here's a secret which cannot be found anywhere else in the world because it was discovered by me: press Shift+[ or Shift+] to change the colours you type in from white to yellow and back! If you find this secret on any other website, they're a cheap rip-off, 1999 :) Tease someone who doesn't know by typing in 2 colours, say something like: "Only world's top 10 players can type in yellow"! Very useful secret isn't it? :)