Neutral Creatures of Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars

Hp: 4Att: 6Def: 1Dam: 1-2Sp: 5 (fast)--Cost: 50
Special: Creatures attacked by Rogues cannot retaliate.
Rogue. Very offensive! Good deal for earlygame. Always attack before attacked.
Hp: 20Att: 7Def: 6Dam: 2-5Sp: 6 ( 200
Nomad. Good creatures. 2-hex-sized.
Hp: 20Att: 8Def: 7Dam: 4-6Sp: 5 (fast)FLY-Cost: N/A
Special: Undead, Creatures killed by ghosts become ghosts!
Ghost. Never attack ghosts with weak creatures or ghosts will just feed on them.
Hp: 50Att: 10Def: 9Dam: 20-30Sp: 6 ( 650+1G
Special: 9% chance to halve enemy unit!
Genie. Halving abbility is probably the best special abbility in the game. Divide Genies and attack big stacks. Only available from lamps and still there are only 2-5 of them in the lamp. Really valuable creatures.
Hp: 35Att: 8Def: 9Dam: 6-10Sp: 4 (average)--Cost: 500
Special: 20% chance to turn victim to a stone for the combat.
Medusa. Good addition to almost any army. 2-hex-sized.
Earth Elemental
Hp: 50Att: 8Def: 8Dam: 4-5Sp: 3 (slow)--Cost: N/A
Special: Netural morale, Immune to mind spells, Lightining and Storm. Meteor swarm does x2 damage.
Earth Elemental. Tough but slow.
Air Elemental
Hp: 35Att: 7Def: 7Dam: 2-8Sp: 6 ( N/A
Special: Netural morale, Immune to mind spells and Meteor swarm. Storm and Lighning do x2 damage.
Air Elemental. Lighter opposite of Earth elemental.
Fire Elemental
Hp: 40Att: 8Def: 6Dam: 4-6Sp: 5 (fast)--Cost: N/A
Special: Netural morale, Immune to mind and fire spells. Cold spells do x2 damage.
Fire Elemental. More of an attacker than Water elemental.
Water Elemental
Hp: 45Att: 6Def: 8Dam: 3-7Sp: 4 (average)--Cost: N/A
Special: Netural morale, Immune to mind and cold spells. Fire spells do x2 damage.
Water Elemental. More of a defender than Fire elemental.