Transparency 101 by Daystar

In this guide I will explain how to create translucency with Heroes V image files.

Practical Guide

Start with a .dds file that has been converted into .psd (or something, depends on what you use) For this guide I’ll be using the Blood Angel/Seraph/Whatever Texture. If you want to follow along, extract it from

Data/ > Characters > Creatures > Renegades

otherwise just read.

Here is the base image.

Use the Magic Wand Tool to select the lower part of the dress.


Select Channels, and scroll down and click on Alpha. The selction should still be selected.


Go to the gradient tool (The linear kind) and select from the Gradient Drop Down “Foreground to Background” which should mean it will go from black to white. If not, arrange it thus. Drag the gradient line from the bottom to the top.


Release and you should get something like the following. Experiment a little bit.


After you deselect you will have this as a result.


Package this up as a DDS and put it in the UserMODs file. I would show you an ingame shot, but my computer crashed at the wrong second before I was able to save [facepalm]

Anyway, this is the important part: In the editor, go to the image and change the Alpha Mode to AM_TRANSPARENT otherwise it will not work properly.


How it all Works

In the alpha, white means fully opaque, black means totally transparent. Anything in the middle means it will be that amount of see-through-ness. Thus the gradient means it will become more transparent as it goes down. This creates a nice, ethereal effect.

To remove something compeltely, make the alpha for that part completely black. This will make it invisible.

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