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In case you don’t know RMG = Random Map Generator..! And I is for Idan which is my name ( pronounced as E - DAN )

First i wanna urge you to share any info , tutorials Or any subject regarding my rmg .. Since this is a wiki ANYONE can open a new page with any info he wants.. (If you need any help with that you can contact me via email.. )

IRMG Beginners Index

Why create a new rmg ?

Ubi’s rmg is very problematic:

  • Zones shapes are very repetitive .
  • No support for templates at all! (You can create custom templates but the amount of work/bugs associated with it is rediculus.
  • Many of the new tote features are lacking , including some new buildings ,Mixed creates and some more.
  • Templates control over the map is not detailed enough .

As a vetren in the homm multiplayer community with my experience with homm3 rmg it is my personal believe that a good rmg is as essential to a good multiplayer experience as food is to a human .

Also by hearing the community feedback and adding new features and new ideas , homm5 multi experience can grow to areas people never thought possible.

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