Creating an object set

Creating an object set is probably the most meaningfull and hardest task in creating a new template , With the power to deside exactly when each and every object in the game will appear comes a very high complexity in the planning.

Let’s examine the object set screen :

First thing you’ll notice is 3 categories of objects to help organize the objects a bit ..

On the middle upper area you can see the chance of the entire object set , That basically determines the chance for this object set to be selected when the algorithem wants to place an object (0.55 in the picture example ,0.55 means 55% of showing).

On the left upper area you can see 2 input fields - both are spacific for a single object you select by left clicking the mouse on top of the object , The chance basically detemines the when the object will appear in current object set , So for example 0.0 means the object will not appear in this object set - basically to remove object from this set simply deselect it using double left click , Same effect as manually settings the chance for 0.0 .

The object value input will determine the strength of the unit guarding the spacific item , More info on which values to place and what they mean on the Mixed Guards Page .

On the lower left area you can see statistics that can aid you when designing an object set , You really shouldn’t go into any complex show chance calculation , Its ment more to aid you and give you an estimate to everything you choose to set.

One last option in this screen is below each category of objects - You can easily set the chance for a SELECTED group of objects inside the category ( Its only to speed up your work - nothing more ).

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