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Templates are a set of rules designed to let the user engineer the random map to his liking. It is easy to be confused about what a template is and to think its not important but templates are the single most important thing in generating a good map when using the rmg, You can think of the rmg as a dumb generator doing what its told and the template is the brains behind the map , If a template matches what the player’s idea of a good map then a good map will be generated . In my rmg a template is stored in a xml format with a file extension .irt (Idans RMG Template file).

Whats my motivation to create a template ?

A player’s motivation to create a template is huge, A good template can take some time to complete - up to few hours or maybe more , But once completed it can create an infinite number of maps , All very different yet similar.. Also by publishing their template on the net they can help thousands of other players creating good,new and interesting maps..!

Currently the following can be defined in a template

  • Number of zones in the map.
  • Size of zones (in % to map size).
  • Connections between zones and guard in those connections.
  • Which mines will show in a spacific zones .
  • Number of towns inside a zone (limited to maximum of 3 ) and in town structures
  • Monster Strength ( Will determine only the avarage level of a guarding monster )
  • Terrain Type ( Currently only grass supported)
  • Object sets - player can define 3 sets of objects that will appear in the zone , He can specify exactly the chance for every spacific object to appear inside the zone

More info on object sets and how to create them properly

Info on JebusV5 - The template that ships with the program

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