With the rmg comes a default template based on the very popular jebus template from heroes 3 . The template can be an example for new template makers to understand how to create a new template.

The template basics :

3 zones , 1 starting zone for each of the 2 starting players and 1 middle zone.

the 2 starting zones are identical ,3 Towns in each (1 starting town and 2 entirly random town) The starting town is built to a high starting level. They are relativly rich with usually lower ranked items and object but also relics and utopias and ect have a really small chance to appear.

the middle zone is the “treasure zone” made up mostly out of utopias , High level neutral dwellings ,Relics and ect ect.

Each zone have 2 connections to the middle zone with a guard value of 500000 ( avarage lvl 7 tier is 5200 so basically strength of a high horde of lvl 7 )

Zone Diagram :


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