Air AltarAir Altar
Allows you to recruit Air Elementals for 500 gold each.
Fire AltarFire Altar
Allows you to recruit Fire Elementals for 500 gold each.
Water AltarWater Altar
Allows you to recruit Water Elementals for 500 gold each.
Earth AltarEarth Altar
Allows you to recruit Earth Elementals for 500 gold each.
Barrow MoundsBarrow Mounds
Allows you to recruit Ghosts for 1000 gold each.
Green Traveller's Tent     Green BarrierTravellers' Tents and Barriers
There are 8 colours of tents and barriers. Tent will give you a password to open the barrier of the same color. Barrier cannot be passed without a correct password. Barrier disappears once opened.
Hut of the Magi     Eye of the MagiHut of the Magi and Eye of the Magi
Eye does nothing by itself, but if you find a hut, it reveals 10 squares circle area around every eye on the map. Remote viewing session.
Adds 10 to daily movement points until day 1 of the next week. Upgrades all cavalry to champions. Can be re-visited.
Releases a hero to your service and then disappears. Hero might be weak or powerful and may have different armies/skills/artifacts. Good idea to be the first player to open it :)
Alchemist's TowerAlchemist's Tower
Offers to remove all your cursed artifacts for 750 gold.
1 point is added to either attack, defence or spell power.
Just like buoy: adds +1 morale for the next battle.
Your hero loses some of his troops but gains experience equal to sum of hitpoints of the lost troops. Can be visited once per hero.
Reefs - unpassable areas in the water, placed just like trees (using different shapes).
Reefs will prevent those countless rocks for water travel limitation.
ShrineShrine (new Necromancer castle building)
Nceromancer's town had no tavern, but now it has a very worthy replacement - Shrine. It adds +10% to necromancy skill of all your necromancers. It costs 10 wood, 10 crystal and 4000 gold to build.

Map editor will now save your maps as original HOMM2 if they include no POL objects/locations
and as POL maps if they do include the new objects/locations. There is however a bug: map will
be saved as HOMM2 map if it includes new portraits, but no new objects/locations.

Elementals have their unique strangths and weaknesses and ghots have the supperior abbility:
creatures killed by ghosts become ghosts. That is why owing a few ghosts can win you a whole
game if you multiply them using weak enemies. Many arguments has been about allowing ghosts,
people suggest to either not place them on the map or defend them very heavily.
Too learn more about elementals and ghosts see Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Neutral Creatures.