Fortress Campaign - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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Wulfstan's Defiance (Fortress Campaign)

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Corruption in the Stone Halls
  1. The Border Zone
  2. The Ambush
  3. The Guerrillas
  4. The Brothers
  5. Laszlo

Mission Two: The Ambush

While the main force of the Dwarves makes preparations for throwing back the invaders, a few bold warriors perform daring and risky raids to the enemy's rear. Their task is to pin down the enemy forces, forcing them to return again and again to the territories they have already captured, scattering their troops and preventing them from regrouping.

Map Size: 136x136 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 16

Starting Bonus:
Armor of Valor

Armor of Valor

Increasing hero's Defence and Morale by +1

3000 Gold

3000 Gold

10 Blackbear Riders

10 Blackbear Riders

Seize Asbrand within two weeks
It is a point of honor to liberate towns seized by the invaders. On top of that, Wulfstan's army is running short of supplies so this is a point of survival as well. He must retake Asbrand within two weeks.
Liberate the Dwarven dwellings within two months
The Dwarves don't favour towns very much, and many of them prefer dwelling outside of their walls. This was one of the reasons for the Dwarves' defeat at the beginning of the war. It's now time to liberate the dwellings occupied by the enemy and restore the compatriots' freedom.
Repulse the Imperial attack
Losing a liberated town would be a blow to Dwarven morale, plus it would give the enemy army a chance to rest and repair. That is why Empire is sending a huge army to the walls of Asbrand, hoping to retake the town. Wulfstan's must stop them.
Wulfstan must survive
The job is not finished; Wulfstan must survive.

Secondary Objectives:
Seize all gold mines
Mountain mines, sources of many kinds of wealth, are the key to Grimheim's prosperity. Unfortunately, their wealth is currently going to the enemy. Wulfstan would do well to re-gain control over their treasures.
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