Fortress Campaign - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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Wulfstan's Defiance (Fortress Campaign)

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Corruption in the Stone Halls
  1. The Border Zone
  2. The Ambush
  3. The Guerrillas
  4. The Brothers
  5. Laszlo

Mission Five: Laszlo

The alliance negotiated between Queen Isabel and King Tolghar goes well. Together, hand in hand, the two great nations will bring the light of Arkath and the wisdom of Elrath to other peoples. Minor skirmishes between Dwarven rebels and the Empire's regular forces will not overshadow the treaty; especially since the rebels on both sides will soon be eliminated.

Map Size: 136x136
Max Hero Level: 29

Starting Bonus:
10000 Gold

10000 Gold

Dwarven Smithy Hammer

Dwarven Smithy Hammer

Increases hero's Attack by +3 and gives additional +25% Defense from fire-based spells.

Resurrection <em>(15 Mana)</em>

Resurrection (15 Mana)

Resurrects creatures in target friendly stack permamently.

Seize Horncrest, the capital of the Stag Duchy
Duncan is primarily interested in recapturing the capital of his duchy -- the hometown that he lost in the war against the Empire. Wulfstan understands his friends' feelings and is willing to help him, just as Duncan helped Wulfstan to liberate Tor Hrall.
Eliminate Laszlo
Another reason to seize Horncrest is Laszlo -- everyone has a vendetta against that butcher. And the Empire, having lost its infamous commander, will think twice before unleashing a new war.
Wulfstan and Duncan must survive
Achieving their goals, Wulfstan and Duncan must survive to continue their fight.
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