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Wulfstan's Defiance (Fortress Campaign)

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Corruption in the Stone Halls
  1. The Border Zone
  2. The Ambush
  3. The Guerrillas
  4. The Brothers
  5. Laszlo

Mission Four: The Brothers

Though King Tolghar thought to bring the war to a rapid end at the negotiating table, he forgot -- or was not told -- that Griffin Empire troops still occupy parts of Grimheim. Regardless of what declarations have been made or what the consequences may be, Wulfstan is not going to let Laszlo occupy his home soil.

Map Size: 136x136
Max Hero Level: 26

Starting Bonus:
50 Bear Riders

50 Bear Riders

15 Rune Priests

15 Rune Priests

6 Thanes

6 Thanes

Wulfstan must survive
Reaching his goals, Wulfstan must survive to continue the pursuit he has begun.
Meet Duncan's army
War is an ordeal for all who take part in it. Some become traitors, and others prove their loyalty. Now, when Wulfstan's forces have been sapped by months of fighting, his old friend Duncan appears. It's time to meet up with Duncan and ask him to lend a hand with Laszlo. And Duncan is probably going to like that idea very much.
Seize Tor Hrall
Wulfstan has driven most of the Griffin army back to the Stag Duchy. A powerful garrison has been left in Wulfstan's home town of Tor Hrall, however, to shield Laszlo's withdrawal it's time to reclaim the town for the Dwarves and restore the territorial integrity of the Kingdom. Having done so, Wulfstan will find it easier to negotiate with the King of Dwarves who has declared him a traitor.
Duncan must survive.
Duncan's duchy remains in enemy hands; he must survive to fight one day for its freedom.
Repulse Rolf's attack
Politics upsets the well-planned campaign. The worst news is that the attacking army is led by Rolf, Wulfstan's half brother. When the future of the Stone Halls is at stake there's no time to sort out relationship. Rolf's attack has to be repulsed.

Secondary Objectives:
Reinforce the army with Dwarves
Fighting his treacherous brother was not easy, and Wulfstan's forces are exhausted. It goes against his experience to count only on his ally's aid, so Wulfstan should reinforce his army with warriors he trusts most of all – the Dwarves. He should reinforce at least ten groops of them.
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