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Wulfstan's Defiance (Fortress Campaign)

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Corruption in the Stone Halls
  1. The Border Zone
  2. The Ambush
  3. The Guerrillas
  4. The Brothers
  5. Laszlo

Mission One: The Border Zone

For hundreds of years no army dared to enter the lands of Grimheim, the Dwarven Kingdom. Even those hungry for the riches of the Dwarven mines knew that the followers of Arkath make relentless enemies. But now, war has come from where no one would ever expect it -- their old neighbours and allies, the Men of the Griffin Empire. It's time for the Dwarves to remember their prowess as warriors, and to make sure their foes remember it as well.

Mission Two: The Ambush

While the main force of the Dwarves makes preparations for throwing back the invaders, a few bold warriors perform daring and risky raids to the enemy's rear. Their task is to pin down the enemy forces, forcing them to return again and again to the territories they have already captured, scattering their troops and preventing them from regrouping.

Mission Three: The Guerrillas

The Dwarves' guerrilla warfare yields fruit. The Imperial legions' advance has been stopped; they are occupied with gathering reinforcements and licking their wounds. The time is perfect to deliver a few hard blows, breaking their spirit and depriving them of supplies. Word will circulate across Ashan of the grim strength of the warriors of the Stone Halls, and the punishment they inflict on their foes.

Mission Four: The Brothers

Though King Tolghar thought to bring the war to a rapid end at the negotiating table, he forgot -- or was not told -- that Griffin Empire troops still occupy parts of Grimheim. Regardless of what declarations have been made or what the consequences may be, Wulfstan is not going to let Laszlo occupy his home soil.

Mission Five: Laszlo

The alliance negotiated between Queen Isabel and King Tolghar goes well. Together, hand in hand, the two great nations will bring the light of Arkath and the wisdom of Elrath to other peoples. Minor skirmishes between Dwarven rebels and the Empire's regular forces will not overshadow the treaty; especially since the rebels on both sides will soon be eliminated.

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