Fortress Campaign - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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Wulfstan's Defiance (Fortress Campaign)

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Corruption in the Stone Halls
  1. The Border Zone
  2. The Ambush
  3. The Guerrillas
  4. The Brothers
  5. Laszlo

Mission One: The Border Zone

For hundreds of years no army dared to enter the lands of Grimheim, the Dwarven Kingdom. Even those hungry for the riches of the Dwarven mines knew that the followers of Arkath make relentless enemies. But now, war has come from where no one would ever expect it -- their old neighbours and allies, the Men of the Griffin Empire. It's time for the Dwarves to remember their prowess as warriors, and to make sure their foes remember it as well.

Map Size: 96x96
Max Hero Level: 12

Starting Bonus:
10 Defenders

10 Defenders

5 Bear Riders

5 Bear Riders

2 Berserkers

2 Berserkers

Hold the two towns
Patrolling Dwarven territory has been the task of the Beastmaster Clan for hundreds of years, though they know how to fight as well as hunt. Now it's up to Wulfstan to ensure that the lands entrusted to him remain in the hands of the Dwarves. Hold at least two towns!
Build a certain army
His enemies have the advantage of reinforcements from the great Griffin Empire; on Wulfstan's side he has little more than guts and experience. Numbers count when armies clash, so Wulfstan must mobilise and build up a powerful army. Hire 300 Shieldguards.
Wulfstan must survive
There is much to be done, so Wulfstan must survive to continue his mission.

Secondary Objectives:
Build a Runic Shrine of first circle.
In Runic Shrine your dwarfen heroes can learn Runic Magic – their racial talent. This kind of magic allows your dwarfen heroes to create magical runes and place them on your dwarfen creatures in the battle temporary improving creature's stats or giving them some additional combat abilities. Note that creating any rune will cost you some amount of resources such as wood, ore etc.
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