2. Data Modding

2.1. What files should I change?

You should extract your data.pak folder and text.pak folders. The changes are made in these files.

Keep in mind that the different patches (p0-data.pak, p1-data.pak, p2-data.pak and p3c-data.pak) override those files. (same deal for p0-text.pak, p1-text.pak, p2-text.pak and p3-text.pak)

(they correspond to patches 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 respectively (1.41 only changed the executable))

2.2. I changed the file, but when I play nothing is different!

The game will look for the most recent files in the archives. If you want your mod to work, you need to make sure that the files within the .pak archive have a higher modification date than the ones in the other .pak files (like the patches). This means that it is a good idea to recreate the archive each time the game gets patched by the developers.

If the folders are not in a .pak file, then put the folders you changed in your Heroes5/data folder.

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