3. Modifying Creatures

3.1. Where are the creature stats stored?

The creature stats are stored in GameMechanics\Creature\Creatures\*Town*\*Creature*.xdb. xdb files can be opened using Notepad or any other text editor (DON’T use a text formatter like Wordpad or the file will not be edited as plain text).


3.2. How do I change the creature's stats?

Go to its .xbd file (see 3.1) and change it.

Example: We want to change the Titan’s stats. We go to GameMechanics\Creature\Creatures\Academy\Titan.xdb and look for the part with the stats. It should look like this:


We can change the Attack of Titans by changing the 30 in <AttackSkill>30</AttackSkill> to any other number. Same goes with every other part except the <Flying>false</Flying> one. In this one, we can change the “false” to “true” and then the titan will fly (just like dragons).

3.3. How do I change the creature's cost?

In the same file we used in 3.2, press Ctrl+F to open the “Find” window. Type <Cost> and it will go down to a part where you change the cost of a creature.

Example: We are going to use the titan for every example from now on. The Titan’s cost part looks like this:


Let’s say we want to make the Titan cost 1000 Gold and 5 Wood instead of 4700 Gold and 2 Gems. We need to change the 4700 in the <Gold>4700</Gold> part to 1000, the 2 in the <Gem>2</Gem> to 0, and the 0 in the <Wood>0</Wood> to 5. Now the Titan will cost 1000 Gold and 5 Wood.

3.4. Other stuff you can change

You can change other stuff than just the stats and cost.

Example: We want to make the Titan’s Weekly Growth 4 instead of 1 and its Elements Fire and Earth instead of Air and Water. To change the Weekly Growth, we search for a part that looks like this <WeeklyGrowth>1</WeeklyGrowth> and change the 1 to 4. To change the Elements, we look for this part :


and change the AIR to Fire and the WATER to EARTH. You can also add abilities and spells, but that will be explained in the next section.

FIXME This concerned the beta. Since the release, there is only one element per creature and it randomly changes each week.

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