4. Modifying Texts

Note that changing texts is almost always language specific. If you make a more complete mod and plan to distribute it, you might want to package the texts separately (as my_mod-texts.pak for example) to allow an easier localization.

4.1. How do I change the creature name?

The text file for creature names is found in Text\Game\Creatures\*Town*\*Creature*.txt so just change it with notepad, save, and play.

4.2. How do I change the hero name?

Same as 4.1, but the files are found here: Text\Game\Heroes\Persons\*Town*\*Hero*\Name.txt

4.3. How do I change the creature description?

The files are in Text\Game\Creatures\*Town*\*Creature*Description.txt so change, save, and play. To change the Ability Description (not the ability, but what’s written when you right click a monster) the files are in Text\Game\Creatures\*Town*\*Creature*Abilities.txt so again, change, save, and play.

4.4. How do I change the hero biography?

You probably got the idea. Files in Text\Game\Heroes\Persons\*Town*\*Hero*\Bio.txt

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