1. Introduction

1.1. What is a Mod?

A mod is a .pak file that changes the game. People make mods because they want to improve the game, add stuff to the game, or balance the game.

This .pak file is nothing else than a zip archive, with the correct folder structure inside it. It contains all the new or updated files to apply the changes to the game.

1.2. How do I Install/Uninstall a Mod?

To install a mod, just take the .pak file and insert it in your H5_INSTALL/data/ folder. That’s assuming you’re playing with the 1.x version of Heroes 5.

If you’re playing with the ‘Hammers of Fate’ version (2.x), then the correct folder to place the mod is H5_INSTALL/dataa1/.

To uninstall a mod, just delete the .pak file from the folder.

FIXME Add a link to the mod_manager with explanations, if it is still maintained.

1.3. Where is my data folder?

Your H5_INSTALL/data/ folder is in your game installation directory.

Basically, there are two places where the game stores information:

  • H5_INSTALL/ is the installation directory
  • H5_PROFILES/ is the folder where your profiles are stored, with your settings, save games and campaign information. Each profile is stored in its own directory with the profile name you chose.

By default:

Alias Default Location
H5_INSTALL/ C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Heroes of Might and Magic V\
H5_PROFILES/ (1.x) My Documents\My Games\Heroes of Might and Magic V\Profiles\
H5_PROFILES/ (2.x) My Documents\My Games\Heroes of Might and Magic V\Hammers of Fate\Profiles\

1.4. What programs do I need?

To use a mod, you don’t need anything (except Heroes 5).

To start modding yourself, you will need the following programs:

  • Notepad (you get it with windows XP) or any plain text editor (NOT Wordpad and such)
  • WinRAR or any other archiver able to handle .zip files
  • Audacity: only for changing audio files

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