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Dungeon Creatures

Hydra (artwork)

Malassa's Thousand Faces

A balanced army that allows both the classic hit-and-run tactics of Dungeon while ensuring a possible long-term battle. Troglodytes and Striders bring their toughness to support their allies, while Stalkers and Medusas bring ranged fire power to the lineup. Black dragons can be replaced by Hydras for a bulkier frontline.

This creature lineup was chosen by the fans (see Community_Engagement for details).

Core creatures

  • Assassin/Shade: melee walker with backstab ability. Damage dealer.
  • Troglodyte/Chthonian: Earth spirit, immune to blind and with burrowing movement ability. Tank.
  • Stalker/Tracker: walker with ranged attack and piercing shot ability. Damage dealer.

Elite creatures

  • Minotaur/Minotaur Guard: melee walker with preemptive strike and no retaliation. Damage dealer.
  • Strider/Soulless: walker, shadowsteel construct with debuff abilities. Saboteur.
  • Medusa/Medusa Sorceress: walker with ranged attack and mesmerizing ability. Saboteur.

Champion creatures

  • Shadow Dragon/Black Dragon: flier with area of damage and debuff abilities. Saboteur.
  • Cave Hydra/Dark Hydra: walker with no flanks and life drain ability. Tank.

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