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Sylvan Might Heroes

Lightly armoured and swift of foot, Elf warriors are designed for speed and striking power.


Avengers are the war masters of the Elves. They lead their troops with authority and efficiency, calling upon both the offensive and defensive powers of Earth Magic. They know the land like the back of their hand and are capable of covering long distances very rapidly.

Main skills: Nature’s Revenge, Offense, Warcries


The most common Elven heroes, Rangers are quick to adapt to any situation requiring their very diverse skills. Proficient in Earth Magic and warfare techniques, they make decent leaders and diplomats.

Main skills: Nature’s Revenge, Exploration, Destiny


Wardens are the unwavering guardians of the forests, often compared to strong oaks standing still while the storm rages on around them. They use the full extent of their defense and leadership skills to protect the silva, but when needed they can also rely on their knowledge of the land, not to mention the powers of Earth.

Main skills: Nature’s Revenge, Defense, Leadership

Sylvan Magic Heroes

Elves are the guardians of life itself and they will call upon Earth magic to protect Asha’s initial creation, her garden. Sylvan creatures are particularly gifted in Nature Magic and their people are friendly with nature spirits or magical beasts.


Thornsowers are Sylanna's gardeners, tending the dominion of the Dragon of Earth. Masters of Earth Magic and proficient in Light Magic, they can turn the forest itself into a powerful weapon.

Main skills: Nature’s Revenge, Warfare, Earth Magic


Mystics embody the perfect balance of Sylanna. Masters of Earth Magic, they know many of the forest's hidden paths although travelling is not their favourite skill. All Elves turn to them for advice, wisdom and protection, and they have sometimes filled the roles of diplomats and leaders.

Main skills: Nature’s Revenge, Paragon, Earth Magic


Chosen among the ranks of the Druids, the Starsingers' role is to heal the wounds of the forest rather than avenge them. Strong in both Earth and Light Magic, they have the most powerful protective and healing spells in all of Irollan. They are also amongst the best diplomats, knowing that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Main skills: Nature’s Revenge, Defense, Earth Magic

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