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Ivan and The Council

The Storyline of Might & Magic Heroes VII

The story of Heroes VII depicts the civil war that changed the ruling dynasty of the Holy Empire.

The Empress' murder has left an empty throne, a realm in flames and too many hungry rivals intent on claiming it.

The game's main character is Ivan, the Duke of Griffin. We meet Ivan in a state of self-doubt: the war has taken its toll on both his body and mind. He saw a lot of horrors and devastation, and he probably committed a few himself. Now he is tired of it all, wanting to lay down arms, declare the independence of his Duchy and leave the Empire to the other main contestant to the crown, Seamus of Stag. When he is about to make this fateful decision, Ivan consults The Council.

Each of the six councilors represents a different playable faction with its agenda and goals and takes Ivan on one of the game's six campaigns. The councilors tell Ivan stories of past heroes, who, like Ivan, were faced with impossible choices. With each campaign Ivan will learn about these factions: ancestral stories that shaped the fate of their people, their uniqueness, and eventually how they can impact his own quest to the throne. Each councilor's story results in an important lesson Ivan will learn that will help him fight his way to the throne and face his destiny.

On his way to claiming the throne, Ivan will learn what it means to become a true leader - including all the tough choices and consequences it implies - with the help of The Council.

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