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Stronghold Town Screen

NOTE: the information on this page is pre-release and may still change.



Core Creatures

  • (13) War Pavillon: Allows to recruit Crushers
  • (23) Fury Roost: Allows to recruit Furies
  • (20) Gnoll Hunting Shack: Allows to recruit Gnoll Hunters

Elite Creatures

  • (1) Centaur Outpost: Allows to recruit Centaur Marauders
  • (2) Wyvern Nest: Allows to recruit Venomous Wyverns
  • (12) Basilisk's No Man's Land: Allows to recruit Basilisk Lancers

Champion Creatures

  • (16) Pillar of Rage: Allows to recruit Enraged Cyclops
  • (4) Behemoth Rift: Allows to recruit Ancient Behemoths

Warfare Units

  • (5) Dream Lodge: Allows to recruit some Warfare Units
  • ??


Heroes Buildings

  • (3) Hall of Heroes: Allows to recruit Heroes
  • (21) Magic Guild: Allows Heroes to learn spells (4 levels)
  • (7) House of Smalltalks: +X% chance for negotiations with neutral armies inside the town's Area of Control for the player's heroes
  • (15) Father Sky Totem: Increases the initial Battlerage charges by +X in the Area of Control of the town
  • (18) Altar of Broken Blades: Visiting heroes get +X Movement Point and +X Might until their next battle
  • (17) Idol of Fertility: Once a week you can select one town dwelling to instantly add its weekly growth rate as production
  • (8) Thieves Guild: Provides the town screen window to spy enemies and give overview of the game status
  • (19) Town Portal: Allows Heroes to be teleported to this town (only if it is the closet town and with dedicated spell

Resource Buildings

  • (6) Marketplace: Provides the town screen window to trade resources
  • (14) Deep Mine: Provides one unit of shadowsteel per day.
  • (9) Hall of Raiders: Produces X gold each time a battle is won.


  • Castle: Equips the town with walls and gates in siege combats. Equips the town with level 3 local guards
  • (11) Sky & Earth Totem: Provides the town with 3 towers in siege combats

Town Hall Upgrades

  • (10) Capitol: Raises the daily income to 4000 gold / day. There can be only one Capitol per player and per map
  • (22) Father Sky’s Furor: Provides 5000 gold / day and additional great bonuses

INFORMATION SOURCE: Stronghold Townscreen in Details - Official Heroes 7 Web Site

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