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Necropolis Might Heroes

Dissidents in the Seven Cities, Necromancers were first persecuted and hunted. However today, they stand in the rear of waves of undead armies, countless in number, infinitely obedient and immune to fear or pain. Heroes from Necropolis can raise dead enemies to reinforce their ranks and replace their own fallen lines thanks to their racial ability: Necromancy.

Ebon Knight

As all members of House Eterna, Ebon Knights can raise the dead to reinforce their army after each battle, but their talents are best used on the battlefield itself, as they can leverage the full extent of warcries, warfare units, offensive maneuvers and spells to send their enemies to Asha. They are also experts of dark magic, casting terrifying spells to weaken their foes even more.

Main skills: Necromancy, Offense, Dark Magic

Death Knight

Death Knights are the spearheads of the Undead armies, usually tasked with expanding the Necromancer’s dominion. On the frontier, Death Knights can take control of new settlements and towns and manage their growth more efficiently. But while they are good administrators they remain masters of Necromancy, able to raise large armies of skeletal regiments to serve their purpose.

Main skills: Necromancy, Warfare, Economy

Bone Guard

As patient as death itself, Bone Guards are the protectors of Heresh. Masters of Necromancy, they can raise and control Undead armies, but they also know when to negotiate the surrender of their enemies instead of killing them. Make no mistake though, when a fight to the death cannot be avoided, these heroes won’t hesitate to unleash devastating forces on their enemies.

Main skills: Necromancy, Defense, Diplomacy

Necropolis Magic Heroes

Emissaries of Asha, Magic Heroes of Necropolis also master the secret art of Necromancy, focusing on the erosion of the body and domination of the spirit. Thanks to their powerful spells they erode the will of their enemies before bringing them down to the graves and back in the ranks of their own armies…


The Wizards of House Eterna are powerful spellcasters, using dark, prime and water magic to terrify, hurt, slow or freeze their enemies, before raising their corpses to reinforce their own troops. Aside from their magical abilities, tough, they are also skilled commanders on the battlefield, capable of dealing a fair amount of damage using offensive abilities and the power of their warfare units.

Main skills: Necromancy, Dark Magic, Offense


Embalmers are the keepers of balance. Educated and passionate, they have an interest for both the dead and the living. Powerful spellcasters, they rely on both Prime and Dark magic, but their talents are not limited to magic, and they also knowledgeable in economy and diplomacy. When it comes to battle, however, they are not to be underestimated: they too can raise the dead to fight on their behalf.

Main skills: Necromancy, Prime Magic, Paragon


Masters of time, Archons learned the art of Necromancy from Belketh, the Angel of Death, himself. They still use dark magic and even fire magic from time to time, but they are scholars first and foremost, students of Asha’s eternal cycle of Life and Death. Less fanatical than the other members of the Spider Cult, they act defensively in battle, and wear down their foes with infinite patience.

Main skills: Necromancy, Prime Magic, Defense

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