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Haven Might Heroes

In Heroes VII, Ubisoft decided to keep the traditional Might & Magic classes separation. Each hero will be either Might or Magic but subcategories also exist, allowing different skill wheel paths and additional abilities linked to their specialties.

Even if Might Heroes can cast spells, they aren’t the best in this area (that’s why Magic Class is for) and would rather prefer to use warcries.


Vindicators are the most offensive of the Haven heroes. They rely on the sheer force of their blades to win battles. Masters of warcries and offense, they also have strong leadership and warfare skills. They are decent explorers and users of Light Magic, and even capable of casting the occasional fireball to clean the battleground.

Main skills: Righteousness, Warcries, Offense


Knights are the most typical Haven heroes. Well balanced, they have the strongest leadership skill of all classes. Trained to be rulers and lords, they are skilled in in diplomacy and display a great ability to administrate kingdoms. They also get a basic magic education, mostly from the school of Light.

Main skills: Righteousness, Leadership, Economy


Paladins are the enlightened warriors whose path is guided by the holy light of Elrath. Masters of defense and diplomacy, and skilled in Light Magic, their strength is focused on protecting their armies and their people. However, they should not be under-evaluated as competent fighters and battlefield heroes.

Main skills: Righteousness, Diplomacy, Defense

Haven Magic Heroes

As their fellow Might comrades, they master the Haven trait Righteousness, allowing them to take advantage from impressive bonus morale during combat. However, they are of course better specialists in the field of spell casting and even if Light Magic appears to be a basic knowledge for the majority of them, some do not share the same vision and prefer to make the fire talk.


Inquisitors are the weapons of Elrath. Not only do they master the power of Light Magic, in order to heal and protect their own, but they can also unleash terrible spells of destruction from the school of Fire. If they are less focused on brute force than their brothers in arms, the Vindicators, they still possess pretty decent skills for battle.

Main skills: Righteousness, Warfare, Fire Magic


Priests are the most common religious men of their faction. Masters of Light Magic, they are beacons of hope and salvation on the battlefield, but they are also skilled administrators, travellers and diplomats.

Main skills: Righteousness, Light magic, Prime magic


Confessors are the shields of Haven, masters of defense and Light Magic, their powers can protect the armies of the Empire from the most terrible enemies, users of Dark Magic above all.

Main skills: Righteousness, Light magic, Paragon

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