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Stronghold Might Heroes

Proud survivors of a long history of persecution, Stronghold Might Heroes are fierce warriors who will fight until the very end for their freedom.


Warmongers crave only for battle and blood. Their training, their daily thoughts are turned towards the battlefield. They lead their troops with speed and strength, and are probably the deadliest heroes on Ashan when leading a scarce group of badly equipped warriors.

Main skills: Bloodrage, Warcries, Offense


Barbarians are typical orc heroes, even if some of them are of other races. Their skills are well balanced, although they are mostly battle leaders, relying maybe more on luck that their fellow warmongers and chieftains.

Main skills: Bloodrage, Warcries, Warfare


Chieftains are spirited leaders, often chosen as generals during travels and as rulers when building a new settlement. Their ability to negotiate rather than kill is a rare quality amongst their people, and even if often underestimated, one that has revealed to be critical in their History.

Main skills: Bloodrage, Warfare, Defense

Stronghold Magic Heroes

Even if most of the legends tells the stories of bloodthirsty warriors, Orcs can also learn from the essence of Magic. Their connection with nature and magic can be strong, allowing some of them to become powerful bounds between Father Sky or Mother Earth.


Stormcallers are the worshippers of Father Sky, not only able to propagate the rage of battle in the heart of their troops, they can summon the wrath of their god and strike with the power of lightning, causing devastating damage on the battlefield.

Main skills: Bloodrage, Warfare, Air Magic


Shamans are the wisemen of their people, able to reason above the wrath that is their gift and curse, they are educated and one of the best speakers of foreign languages. In battle, though, they can be quite efficient with the magic of Sky and Earth.

Main skills: Bloodrage, Exploration, Paragon

Earth Shaper

Earth Shapers are the children, followers of Mother Earth, protectors of their people. Surprisingly smart, they are the educators and the caretakers of a wandering tribe, but don't be mistaken, when their children is threatened, these heroes can claw and bite as any desert lioness and you won't forget the smiting power of Earth magic once you've met one on the field.

Main skills: Bloodrage, Defense, Earth Magic

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