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Might & Magic Heroes VII

Welcome to Age of Heroes Might & Magic Heroes VII (MMH7) Wiki!

This wiki is a community project to create an informative and easy to read Might & Magic Heroes 7 information resource. This wiki uses the same software as the world's largest wiki, Wikipedia.

Use the navigation menu on the left to browse the game information covering various aspects of Might & Magic Heroes 7. If you want to see the list of latest updates on this wiki, head over to the Recent Changes Log. If you want to talk about the development progress of Heroes 7 or see what other fans think, check out the Heroes 7 Discussion Thread (this thread is frequently visited by some of the Heroes 7 developers).

Anyone can contribute to this wiki. If you are interested in improving an existing page or adding a new page to this wiki, see Editing Help. When you create or edit a page, your contribution will be recorded in the 'history' tab of the page and also in the 'contributions' tab of your profile.

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