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Sylvan Town Screen

NOTE: the information on this page is pre-release and may still change.



Core Creatures

  • Faery Woods: Allows to recruit Sprites.
  • Sacred Grove: Allows to recruit Oak Dryads.
  • Hunters Lodge: Allows to recruit Master Hunters.

Elite Creatures

  • Stone Ring: Allows to recruit Druid Elders.
  • Blade Dance Arena: Allows to recruit Blade Masters.
  • Sun Garden: Allows to recruit Sun Deers.

Champion Creatures

  • Treant Sanctum: Allows to recruit Ancient Treants.
  • Dragon Shrine: Allows to recruit Emerald Dragons.

Warfare Units

  • Garden Of The Sacred Seed: Allows to recruit support warfare unit.
  • Archery Platform: Provides the town with 3 towers in siege combats.
  • Blacksmith: Allows to recruit attack warfare unit.


  • Capitol: Raises the daily income to 4000 gold / day. There can be only one Capitol per player and per map.
  • Sylanna's Perfect Balance: Provides 5000 gold / day and additional great bonuses.
  • Hall Of Heroes: Allows to recruit Heroes.
  • Magic Guild Level 4: Allows Heroes to learn spells (4 levels).
  • Town Portal: Allows Heroes to be teleported to this town (only if it is the closet town and with dedicated spell).
  • Embassy: +20% chance for negotiations with neutral armies inside the town's AoC.
  • Fountain Of Restoration: Provides bonuses to visiting heroes (increases the morale of units in the visiting hero's army by 5 for the next 3 battles).
  • Thieves Guild: Provides the town screen window to spy enemies and give overview of the game status.
  • Golden Path: Doubles movement points of caravans departing the town.
  • Dream Forest: Creates magical illusions around the town that lead enemy heroes in dead ends. All enemy heroes in the town's area of control have their movement cost over land increased by 25%.
  • Marketplace: Provides the town screen window to trade resources.
  • Sylanna's Infinite Gift: Provides one unit of wood and one unit of ore per day.
  • Mystic Pond: Provides a daily random rare resource to the owner

INFORMATION SOURCE: Sylvan Townscreen - Official Heroes 7 Web Site

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