In the Wake of Gods

New Artifacts

Magic Wand

Transforms artifacts which hero has.

Location of Wand These artifacts are changed
Misc 1 Head and Neck
Misc 2 Left hand and Right hand
Misc 3 Left and Right ring
Misc 4 Torso and Legs
Misc 5 Shoulders and Misc 4


  1. Combination Artifacts and their parts are not transformed.
  2. If a slot is empty, a new artifact will not appear there.
  3. Artifacts that are forbidden from appearing on a map will not appear as a replacement artifact when a transformation occurs.

Gold Tower Arrow

Gives control of Arrow Towers to hero.

In attack

  • Tower won't shoot

In defense

  • No Ballistics: Shoot twice
  • Basic Ballistics: Shoot 3 times
  • Advanced Ballistics: Shoot 4 times
  • Expert Ballistics: Shoot 5 times

Monster's power

Casts Prayer on all monsters of one kind. Every week, a new random monster is selected from the hero's army and Prayer will be cast on ALL monsters of this type that every hero has during that week.

Crimson Shield of Retribution

Held in the left hand, this artifact increases Defense skill by +2 and gives all creatures in a hero's ranks the ability to retaliate against creatures that cannot normally be retaliated against.


This ancient relic summons up to [100 HP x Hero Level] dragons for the duration of a battle (minimum one dragon). Dragon type is random but may be influenced by terrain. In addition, dragons in a hero's army always have positive morale.

There's 10% chance that the dragon type will be completely random and 90% chance that the dragon type will be determined based on terrain from the tables listed below:

  • Grass, Holy Ground: 70% Green, 20% Gold, 10% Diamond
  • Dirt, Evil Fog and Cursed Ground: 45% Bone, 25% Ghost, 20% Blood, 10% Dracolich
  • Subterranean, Lava and Fiery Fields: 60% Red, 20% Black, 10% Darkness, 10% Rust
  • Swamp: 50% Gorynych, 35% Green, 15% Rust
  • Snow: 25% Bone, 20% Ghost, 20% Azure, 15% Crystal, %10 Diamond, 10% Blood
  • Water, Rough, Sand and Lucid Pools: 10% Green, 10% Red, 10% Black, 10% Gold, 10% Bone, 10% Ghost, 5% Darkness, 5% Diamond, 5% Blood, 5% Dracolich, 5% Crystal, 5% Faerie, 5% Rust, 5% Azure
  • Rocklands: 100% Rust
  • Clover Fields: 30% Faerie, 25% Rust, 25% Crystal, 20% Azure

Gate Key

Upon entering a town you own, the Gate Key gives you the option to lock it for 5 days. Heroes can leave locked towns but no hero can enter except by Town Portal or Castle Gate, and the town cannot be attacked.

The Gate Key will vanish when used and returns to the hero 10 days later. A town cannot be relocked by any Gate Key for 5 days after it becomes unlocked. If a player is vanquished, their locked towns will be unlocked for all players the following day.

Warlord's Banner

With stack experience enabled, the Warlord's Banner gives additional bonuses in combat. To equip it, drag it to the troop stack of your choice. Choose a bonus by right-clicking on the Banner in the stack's experience screen. You can change the bonus any time except in combat.

Note: if you combine two stacks that each have a Warlord’s Banner, the resulting stack will have two banners, but it will still function the same as one, and will not give an additional bonus. A stack can carry a maximum of four banners at once. To pass an equipped banner back to the hero (so it can be given to a different stack), left-click on it in the stack experience screen.

Barbarian Lord's Axe of Ferocity (new combination artifact)

This combination artifact consists of the Ogre's Club of Havoc, Targ of the Rampaging Ogre, Tunic of the Cyclops King, and Crown of the Supreme Magi. In addition to the regular bonuses, it grants an additional strike each round to all non-shooting creatures in a hero's army.


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