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Wake of Gods give a huge possibilities to make a new patches. Some of people decided to make this game better than is now :) Look at these projects:


Bastion is a project of a new city in egypian style. Group of fants called NTG (New Town Group) take care about the project. Official website could be find here. The inner city looks is great, units are not so good. At first they are non in H3 style (look at the Anubis and the Titan for example), at second some of them is seeable from other angle that it should be showed. Some of them are truly very good, and some are not :). But I believe that in future I will could install a playable version of Bastion :)

The Forge

Forge is a project of ressurect the legendary city which was planned to add in Armageddon's Blade expansion pack. Unfortunately, due to a mails from FEW fans, we have Conflux now. Forge could be really good project, Ziel's saying that the graphics will be of High quality, especially the inner looks of city. Too bad that he have removed some informations from official Website, but It was not actuall. The Forge coming soon! (I, who make the WoG section here am Ziel :)

The Grove

Grove is a city of dark elves, the project leader is K1ng. IMHO The inner city looks is... ugly, but other people say that it is great. Units quality is good. Mapmaker for this city is Vlaad. I dont know anything more that I could write about.

Quick Silver

Quick Silver Is the patch which replace the 8th level units into new, give us five new upgrades to every town. Also, it change looks of every city (background) nad give some ERM scripts. I dont like the units (sorry BJ). The leader of project is BigJocker. I dont write the link to his site, because it seems to be hosted here on AOH soon.

No picture due to trouble with my PC, wil be added soon

New Upgrades

That is first done patch. Acid Dragon done it. It give us three new upgrades, and new building in every city. You can visit the patch official site.

And what in the future? On our forum ( has borned some new project like Wood Elves city, Water town, Acropolys, Abyss...

All of that projects seems to be hopeless, there is only idea, any graphics. I hope that Bastion or Forge could be find in WoG 3.59 (the best way is both, but I dont know that is possible)


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