In the Wake of Gods

Sorts of Commanders

Im not far away... defeat....
Im not here I will eradicate mankind into the nothingness from whence they came and learn defeat

Paladin (Castle)

As a divine defender of justice, this holy avenger's abilities grow stronger with every battle won. The Paladin has also been blessed with healing magic to keep the troops alive and fighting strong.

Wise - Gains 150% of Hero's experience
Cure - May cast Cure

Hierophant (Rampart)

These mystical Commanders are natural healers, always insisting on at least one first aid tent for any army they command. In battle, they protect the lives of their troops by conjuring a magical shield to ward off deadly blows.

First aid master - Additional First Aid Tents, Number = Commander Level
Shield - May cast Shield
[Duration = Magic Power]

Temple Guardian (Tower)

Strong willed and intelligent, the beautiful Temple Guardian is a distant cousin to the titans. Her presence on the battlefield improves the ranged accuracy of titans as well as the other troops she commands. This power is almost as useful as her innate ability to draw forth and channel mana from an emotionally-charged field of battle.

Mana Magician - Restores some spell points for Hero if he/she has lost them since previous Commander turn (number = Lost Mana *(20% + 5% * Commander Level)) but no less than 1 Point and no more than 90% of Lost Points
Precision - May cast Precision
[Duration = Magic Power]

Succubus (Inferno)

Always sensual and charming, your ranks will soon swell with creatures entranced under this demonic Commander's spell. The Succubus' affinity for fire lets her protect her minions with an aura of flame.

Charming - Steals a portion of neutral stacks before combat. Formula is 5%+(Commander Level-1)/2 but not more than 20%
Fire Shield - May cast Fire Shield
[Duration = Magic Power]

Brute (Dungeon)

A fearless fighter in battle, this Commander inspires bloodlust in the troops he or she commands. And when it's all over, the Brute directs the army to gather up the corpses, for there is always a demand for fresh bodies in the dark and smelly depths of the dungeon.

Soul Reformer - Gives 50% of battle experience in gold
Bloodlust - May cast Bloodlust
[Duration = Magic Power]

Soul Eater (Necropolis)

These soulless Commanders absorb the spiritual essence of the creature they kill to sustain them in their unnatural unlife. On the battlefield, the Soul Eater uses her necromantic powers to reanimate her fallen undead comrades.

Undead - Has the properties of an undead creature
Animate Dead - May cast Animate Dead on Level 1-5 Creatures
[HP Number = (Magic Power/4)*50+60 ]

Ogre Leader (Stronghold)

The resourceful Ogre Leaders have fallen in love with the deadly ballista and always make sure there's at least one in any army they command. These cunning Commanders have also mastered a spell that makes their troops' skin as hard as stone.

Ballista Master - Provides additional Ballistas #=Commander Level/4+1 (plus control)
Stone Skin - May cast Stone Skin
[Duration = Magic Power]

Shaman (Fortress)

This adept Commander uses primal magic to become much stronger in battle, drawing upon the spiritual totem of the hero who leads the army. The Shaman's spells increase both the speed and reflexes of the Fortress beasts to which he or she is attuned.

Superior Combat Ability - 150% of Hero's Attack and Defense
Haste - May cast Haste (Speed + 5)
[Duration = Magic Power]

Astral Spirit (Conflux)

Originating on the astral plane, this Commander's ability to reveal glimpses of an empty and desolate world often make the once-loyal soldiers of sworn enemies cast down their weapons, having seen the futility of war. The Astral Spirit also possesses telepathy and can sometimes warn friendly troops of a surprise attack from behind.

Pacifist - Elemental + 5%+(Commander Level-1)/2 (maximum 20%) of Creatures in enemy Hero's army run away.
Counterstrike - May cast Counterstrike
[Duration = Magic Power]


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