In the Wake of Gods

Castles demolishing

Now building in castles, and all of the castle, could be demolished. On a place of old castle can be build NEW castle!

How to destroy building?

If you wanna TRY to destroy each building in castle, click RMB on building, which have to be destroyed. Propably, if your hero is weak (or something :)) you cannot destroy this building which youwant, so try to demolish other, or make your hero stronger. After clicking you should see the dialog box, click there OK. Congratulations, you demolish your first building :)

If you want to know why you cant demolish each building, read the text below.

If in building which you want to demolish are recruits, you can pay, or fight them. If you decide to fight, and you lose, after the battle will stay hero with no army. If htebuilding is *ready* to destroy, it costs from 100 to 1000 gold pieces. If you demolish each building in city,you cannot build anything in this turn. In each turn could be demolished four buildings, and the cost grow with each building like:

First building+0

If the demolished building is grail, then the sanctuary of graal will disappear, but grail as artifact will stay in hero backpack. Deomlishing of the grail sanctuary cost 10 000 gold pieces.

After building demolishing, usually you can gain some resources (some of wood and stone, maybe other resources sometimes.

I you demolish the Fort and Village hall, the city is turned into ruins. In the building which was blacksmith, now live ghosts. Ruins of castle is neutral building and its unavailbe to all players during the six dais. At 7th day, it can be restored to the castle, type of castle will be the same, like the type of hero which decided to build new castle.

How to build a new castle?

If you want to build new city from old ruins, you must back to the ruins after 6 (or more) days from demolish. When You'll back, visit the blacksmith building, ghost which were there six days ago, now is bored to fly there and back and again, and could be recruited to your army. After that you mustclick RMB on blacksmith. If the hero is the same type, what the demolished city, he can build only the city of the same type, but if hero is other type, he can build the city from where he is, or the old one. For example: after victorious battle, knight demolishing the inferno and build castle :). Now you must only demolish the blacksmith, and after you re-visit in city all be done :)


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