In the Wake of Gods

What is WoG?

Heroes 3,5 - WoG (in the Wake of Gods) is a add-on to the Heroes 3. The project was started by Slava Salnikov, Russian Programmer. Lastest version of WoG (3.58F) was made by WoG Team (the people which decided to help Slava with the WoG, and have enough will, and experience to make that!) which count almost 70 persons! WoG is for free, that means, you dont have to pay anything to play it! :D

WoG make the old H3 a new game! With latest version of this update, into game comes following new things:

And the thing, which all waits for - Script language ERM (Event Related Model) which give you possibility to, if don't count the rest, change the parameters of every map object, control the battle, change the units name, change heroes, and almost all you just can imagine!


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What IS that "WoG"?

New thingies

Demolishing cities
New specialities
Leaving armies and artifacts on map
Castle shooting towers experience

What's for the future?

Add-on's to the WoG


What is commanders?
Sorts of commanders
Commanders skills


8th Level units
God's emmisaries
New neutral units


New artifacts
New commanders artifacts
New blank artifacts



Units Experience system

How it works?


Screenshots page

Forum about WoG

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