In the Wake of Gods

Other new thingies


After click on the list of quests, you can see the papyrus with info about map rules, and with changes which was applied during the game (for example: hero gain new ability)

Choose the sort of attack

During the battle is possible to chosse how each unit has to attack. You must click the icon on battle screen. For example the harpies dont must back to them begining position, or the shooters dont must shoot (even commader).

Sylvan centaurs creation

You can split the Upgraded Centaurs and Upgraded Wood Elves into Sylvan centaur (if the 'Sylvan Centaur creation is allowed' wogify option is turned on). The units is allow to split only on HERO SCREEN (not in city or anywhere else), to split just click the crtl and one of units needed to that. Units is spliting 1:1 what means if you have 10 centaurs and 15 grand elves there will be 10 sylvan centaurs. You dont need to pay for this anything.

Cheat menu deactivation

That option not allow to use cheat menu in games, saves etc.


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