Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Artifacts

In HOMM3 Hero is like a Doll

1- Head; 2- Neck; 3- Torso; 4- Shoulders;
5- Right Hand; 6- Left Hand; 7- Fingers;
8- Feet; 9- Miscellaneous.
A- Ballista; B- Ammo Cart; C- First Aid Tent;
D- Catapult; E- Spell Book; F- Backpack
(F- unlimited storage of unused artifacts).

There are 122 Artifacts in Heroes 3.
Pandora's Box is not an Artifact. Grail
is considered an Artifact. Spell Book
and War Machines are not Artifacts.

There are four ranks of artifacts:
Treasure artifacts are the simplest.
They can be found in treasure chests.
Next in power are Minor artifacts,
then Major, and finally Relic artifacts.