PikemanHealth: 10Attack: 4Shots: noneMovement: ground
60 gold (14)Hex Size: 1Defence: 5Dmg: 1-3Spd: 4 (extra slow)
Toughest lvl1 unit, but a bit slow.
HalberdierHealth: 10Attack: 6Shots: noneMovement: ground
75 gold (14)Hex Size: 1Defence: 5Dmg: 2-3Spd: 5 (slow)
Now they are faster and do more damage. Will make a good defence for shooters.
ArcherHealth: 10Attack: 6Shots: 12Movement: ground
100 gold (9)Hex Size: 1Defence: 3Dmg: 2-3Spd: 4 (extra slow)
Archer's upgrade is literally 2 times better. Upgrade them quickly.
MarksmanHealth: 10Attack: 6Shots: 24Movement: ground
150 gold (9)Hex Size: 1Defence: 3Dmg: 2-3Spd: 6 (swift)
Special: Fires 2 shots per ranged attack.
Awesome upgrade, but they still lack defence...
GriffinHealth: 25Attack: 8Shots: noneMovement: flying
200 gold (7)Hex Size: 2Defence: 8Dmg: 3-6Spd: 6 (very swift)
Special: can retaliate against 2 attacks per turn.
High in population, griffins become castle's main unit for the midgame.
Royal Griffin
Royal GriffinHealth: 25Attack: 9Shots: noneMovement: flying
240 gold (7)Hex Size: 2Defence: 9Dmg: 3-6Spd: 9 (ultra swift)
Special: unlimited retaliations.
Send them right in the middle of the battlefield. Everyone who comes will get some ;)
SwordsmanHealth: 35Attack: 10Shots: noneMovement: ground
300 gold (4)Hex Size: 1Defence: 12Dmg: 6-9Spd: 5 (slow)
Not too good unit the upgrade and also too slow.
CrusaderHealth: 35Attack: 12Shots: noneMovement: ground
400 gold (4)Hex Size: 1Defence: 12Dmg: 7-10Spd: 6 (swift)
Special: attacks twice.
Good upgrade, but still lacks speed. Seem undefeatable in large numbers.
MonkHealth: 30Attack: 12Shots: 12Movement: ground
400 gold (3)Hex Size: 1Defence: 7Dmg: 10-12Spd: 5 (slow)
Good shooter, nice damage.
ZealotHealth: 30Attack: 12Shots: 24Movement: ground
450 gold (3)Hex Size: 1Defence: 10Dmg: 10-12Spd: 7 (extra swift)
Special: no penalty for hand-to-hand attacks.
Zealots are skilled enough to use the same magic powers at very close range. Better defence too.
CavalierHealth: 100Attack: 15Shots: noneMovement: ground
1000 gold (2)Hex Size: 2Defence: 15Dmg: 15-25Spd: 7 (extra swift)
Special: +5% damage for each hex traveled to creature attacked.
Make sure that the path is as long as possible - they need some speed!
ChampionHealth: 100Attack: 16Shots: noneMovement: ground
1200 gold (2)Hex Size: 2Defence: 16Dmg: 20-25Spd: 9 (ultra swift)
Special: +5% damage for each hex traveled to creature attacked.
That's up to 45% extra damage possible! Champions also have better aiming skills.
AngelHealth: 200Attack: 20Shots: noneMovement: flying
3000g+1ge (1)Hex Size: 1Defence: 20Dmg: 50Spd: 12 (extra quick)
Special: 150% damage to devils
Nice combat ratings and great constant damage - no need to bless them. Note that before the update patches Angels and Archangels didn't cost any gems, just gold. This has been added to try to balance the castle a little. I think it's still too powerful.
ArchangelHealth: 250Attack: 30Shots: noneMovement: flying
5000g+3ge (1)Hex Size: 2Defence: 30Dmg: 50Spd: 18 (very fast)
Special: 150% damage to devils ; Resurrect dead allied troops once per combat.
Best attack, defence and speed in a whole game! Resurrection is a very convenient abbility. Those fast wings take up a whole extra hex! :] Possibly the best creature in the game.