800x600 resolution displaying 65,000 colors !!! All new pre-rendered art. Hand drawn art is no longer in the game, but NWC is sticking with the ‘bright and polite’ art style for which NWC is famous. All art in the game is being redone for the new resolution and color depth. Now there are 80 frames of animation for each monster (5 times more than in homm2!)


8 town types and 16 hero types. Each town will have two hero classes (might and magic types) with which it is associated.

128 individual heroes. Each hero has unique starting skills, spells, and a special ability.

Castle Captains have been replaced with actual ‘Heroes’. This is done by ‘garrisoning’ a hero.

Heroes will have a ‘paper doll’ inventory system for equipping artifacts. Yes, only one pair of boots this time :)

26 skills and 64 spells. Spells will be divided into four schools, which can be improved as Secondary Skills.

More artifacts. Addition of the ‘Grail’ replacing the Ultimate Artifact - bring gral to the town of your choice and great structure will be build. Grail structure gives you 5000 gold per day, increases it's town population by 50% and gives a special bonus unique to each town type (ex. +2 morale to all allied heroes for castle).

The combat screen is 60% larger (15x11 hexes as opposed to 11x9 in HOMM2) and Adventure Screen is now with 45% more visible terrain than it was in HOMM2.

Four combat War Machines which can be controlled, attacked and destroyed: Catapult (attacks castle walls), Ballista (attacks enemy troops), Ammo Cart (unlimited amunition for allied shooters) and First Aid Tent (heals allied troops). War machines are used once per combat turn. There are secondary skills which allow you to contol Ballista, Catapult and First Aid Tent and increase their performance. Only one war machine of each type can be used by one hero.

Seven slots for creatures! Wait function is finally added to combat. Skip has been replaced with Defend - creature stack will miss a turn but gain +20% defence until next turn. Now there are more tactics to combat then ever!

56 creature types, each with one upgrade + 6 neutral creatures = there are a total of 118 creatures to recruit.

Flying creatures now have limited flying range. Shooters have penalty for long distance shots and shooting over town walls.

Quests. Players will be able to acquire quests seeking artifacts on the map. Rewards vary.

Creature generators on the Adventure Map can be flagged. This adds bonus creatures to those generated each week in towns with like creature generators.

Introduction of the Town Hall. All town construction is done from the hall. Upgrades to the Hall increase town income.

Town can bring income from 500 to 4000 gold. Each town can also produce small almount of resources each day too.

Three different road types for faster hero movement. Any creature generator can be placed on the map.

True alliances between players, disallowing the option to attack your ally or capture his mines. Shared exploration for allies. Allies can visit each other's towns, trade creatures/artifacts/spells/resources.

Smarter AI (artificial intelligence). AI never attacks wandering monster it will not defeat.

New and different win conditions like transfer artifact or acquire/defeat a monster.

Underground map level to match the above ground map. That makes XL maps 2 times larger!

Multiplayer is being expanded to 8 players. Turns can be time-limited.

When it is not your turn, you can scroll the Adventure Map, view your towns, heroes, etc. AT LAST!

3 easy campains are accessible at the beginning. As you complete them, 3 more harder campains open to you. And then the final seventh "secret" campain. Different campains tell the story from different points of view - you will be playing for each side of the conflict. Heroes with their skills and spells can be carried over to the next scenario of campain.

New improved map editor to make your own maps and submit 'em here!

Zone, Heat, MPlayer welcome you to play HOMM3 online for free!


Free Disk Space:200MB
CD-ROM Drive:4X Speed
Memory:32MB RAM
Peripherals:Keyboard, mouse
CA$H:Depends on retailer
Operating System:Windows® 95/98 or NT4.0
Computer System:IBM PC and 100% compatibles
CPU Chip:Pentium® 133 (P166 recommended)
Sound Card:All major sound cards supporting DirectX
Video Card:DirectX 6.0 compatible, capable of 800x600 16-bit high color display
Multiplayer:28.8 modem or greater (modem/Internet play); TCP/IP or IPX (network play)

NOTES: AMD K5(or K6), IBM 686, Celeron chips perform almost the same as Pentium. Sound Blaster sound card will do. Any video card capable of using 2MB of video memory or more should be able to support DirectX 6.0. I think 16-bit 800X600 requires 2MB of video memory, tell me if I'm wrong. Modem and Network are needed only for Multiplayer games.