Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Demo

Here's a working link to HOMM3 DEMO with none of that "register to download" annoyance:

http://files.filefront.com/h3demoexe/;1991110;/fileinfo.html (93.7 MB file)

I think the demo lets you choose from three castle types and play the map "Dead and Buried" for 28 in-game days (4 weeks). Demo requires: 32MB RAM, 200MB disk space, 133 MHZ computer or faster running Windows.

Heroes 3 Demo Cheat Menu!

Marcio Hermes has discovered that there's a built-in cheat menu in the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Demo:

The demo file is very hard to win. I started to search for some cheats to H3demo. And I found no conventional cheats (<tab> cheat-word) to demo game. So, I've resorted to hard offensive: I began to read the binary executable in a hexadecimal editor. Yes, byte to byte.

I found the words "Microsoft Visual C++". The h3demo.exe file was compiled by Microsoft C++ compiler. Well, Visual Studio must be a good choice. Using the Microsoft C++, I opened the h3demo.exe file like a resource file.

I will explain: some win32 files (like .exe, .dll ...) can contain icons, menus, dialog-boxes etc. These goodies are called resources. I found 3 menus:
menu1 (code 110): the standard menu. Just push F4 key to see it.
menu2 (code xxx): the standard menu plus cheat popup menu.
menu3 (code yyy): the standard menu plus cheat popup menu.
The menus menu2 and menu3 have commands to add creatures, artifacts, spells and secondary skills. I think that the game developers used the cheats menu for game tests, and hid it when publishing the demo. The menus menu2 and menu3 are present in the file. It is just not loaded.

Ok. What to do now? When the game starts, the program loads a menu from h3demo.exe resource area. The game calls a menu identified by code 110: the standard menu (menu1). So, I've changed the menu1 code to some other number (111, 112, 113... any other number) and changed the menu2 code to 110.

When the game starts, it loads, from h3demo.exe resource area, the menu identified by code 110. But now the menu2 has the code 110. The game loads up the menu with cheat popup (menu2). To use the menu, just push F4 to swap from fullscreen mode to windowed mode. The menu will be visible.

If You want to do the same, you will need the Microsoft Visual C++ or some other win32 resource editor:
1 - Open h3demo.exe like a resource file.
2 - Swap menu ids.
3 - Save your work.

I did same proccess with the full version of H3 (Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete), but it didn't work. I found only a icon in resource area of file.